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  • this was Russia are in Milan, but it didn't look like it.

  • Most people were avoiding public transport, many choosing to work from home in an area of Italy hit hardest by the virus.

  • The city is Italy's financial capital, and the stock exchange did at least managed to open a CZ normal.

  • Although banks have been preparing for days tow, avoid disruption.

  • 16 million people in north and central Italy were already in lock down, banned from leaving unless they have a very good reason and are similar measures are to be implemented across the entire nation.

  • This, the Italian prime minister said, was the stay at home decree juiced indeed, a set of cancer.

  • The decision today is fair that all of Italy should stay at home.

  • The future of Italy is in our hands now more than ever.

  • Each person should do their part on because of this.

  • Today will apply these measures across the whole of Italy that we've already put in place from the center of Italy region of Lombardy or provinces just a few days ago.

  • It's not just travel that's restricted in Milan, and that more than two dozen jail's inmates protested after all visits were banned.

  • The government, desperate to avoid the Corona virus spreading within the prison system and adding to an already overburdened health service a criminal hospital in the North Star for struggling to deal with sheer number of people affected with the virus, a situation replicated at hospitals right across the worst affected areas.

  • In Italy.

  • We have a lock off doctor and nurses, and we the 12% off the positives are health stuff.

  • We should ever done much better prevention, training to protect our health stuff.

  • We don't need infected heroes.

  • Enforcing the new curbs on people traveling in and out of affected areas is a logistical nightmare.

  • At Rome's main station, police officers met trains which is still traveling from places like Milan and Venice.

  • In the lock down zone, anyone arriving from territory now in quarantine had to provide their details and justify their reason for making the journey.

this was Russia are in Milan, but it didn't look like it.


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イタリア政府は、旅行禁止令に違反した者に懲役刑を科すと脅している。 (Italian govt threatens jail time for anyone flouting travel bans)

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