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  • Hello, I'm Damien Mitchell.

  • Jamaica has now confirmed its first case of the Corona virus.

  • Health Minister Dr Christopher Tuft in said the patient arrived in Jamaica from the United Kingdom on March 4 and turned up with symptoms yesterday.

  • She had been staying in Booth Bay ST Andrew, and the health minister has reiterated that anyone can be infected with the Corona virus.

  • The current patient is a Jamaican living in the UK.

  • Health officials are now trying to trace all the people with whom she may have made contact.

  • Once we have, we have gotten with immediate contacts of persons way for two persons.

  • In the meantime, Jamaica has now extended a travel ban to France, Germany and Italy, and Prime Minister Andrew Holness says Jamaicans should remain calm and practice proper hygiene.

  • But there were long lines at supermarkets today as people stocked up on supplies.

  • There is for employees off the Tower restaurant or today injured during a major explosion and fire at the Knutsford delivered outfit in New Kingston, a moon flight Next girl flythe in sports.

  • The government has announced that Jamaica will not participate in the Penn Relays because off the coronavirus confirmed in United States.

  • In the meantime, Health Minister Dr Christopher Tough Done says a decision will be made soon about the staging of the boys and girls jams in Kingston.

  • In your currency trading today, one U S dollar was being sold for $135.22 the British pound sterling for $175.44 and the Canadian dollar for $99.26 in your weather forecast on Wednesday morning, there will be a particulary skies in the afternoon.

  • Expect scattered showers across most parishes with possible isolated thunderstorms across sections of Eastern caches.

  • And that's it In a minute.

  • I'm Jamie on the hill.

Hello, I'm Damien Mitchell.


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