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  • now what's a good way to make money out of the recession while write a book about it?

  • Andi.

  • Then turn it into a movie.

  • That's just about what Australian businessman Richard Haines has done.

  • Everyone will remember last year's pictures City workers abandoning the Lehman Brothers headquarters in Canary WARF, carrying boxes filled with personal possessions.

  • Richard Haines debut novel Chameleon is set at the time of the collapse of the financial sector.

  • It's the story of a trader who plans to exit the business but is then forced to flee New York after a final deal goes wrong.

  • When I was adapting the screenplay, we actually used this current environment, and I adapted the screenplay to June 2008 and it reads very Lehman Brothers collapse.

  • So it's it's has extremely contemporary to write his thriller, the former hedge fund manager has used his own insider's knowledge of 20 years to show the greed and vanity that he saw in the financial community mean financial types.

  • Well, it is interesting because the screenplay is littered with references to the fact that the bankers have now become the bad guys, which is kind of funny, notwithstanding the fact that.

  • I think, you know, there's a public perception that that was overdue and that there has been this extraordinary tirade of indulgence that's been splattered across the popular press, which has rightfully so bid the financial markets.

  • And I think I've used my understanding and experiences of the financial markets to weave it into the screenplay to make it a.

  • I think a highly contemporary and provocative thriller, Richard Haines novel has been well received by critics and is even up for America's National Book Award.

  • The film is still in pre production, but with its high contemporary feel, there is the potential for Chameleon to be the next big Wall Street movie.

now what's a good way to make money out of the recession while write a book about it?


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ウォール街のスリラー「カメレオン」がスクリーンを襲う (Wall Street thriller Chameleon to hit the screens)

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