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  • Our next question comes to us.

  • The email from Sander and Addison, Vermont, writes Dear doctors.

  • I'm a big fan of anti bacterial wipes.

  • I use them all the time on just about everything.

  • However, I worry that the harsh chemicals aren't good for my two year old daughter.

  • Do you have any suggestions?

  • Well, I know someone else who's a big fan of antibacterial wipes looking at me for.

  • You guys know I love my wife.

  • Of course, I love to keep things clean but full.

  • Sometimes that's a good thing that sometimes those chemicals don't agree with some people's skin, so you can actually make your own at home.

  • Using two really great ingredients, basically a baby lotion and rubbing alcohol, take two equal parts of each.

  • And just first off, you wanna mix together, poured into a as like a Ziploc bag so you can get the two really mixed up together and pour that mixture into assailable container.

  • Then put some dry wipes.

  • Paper towels.

  • They need to be kind of thick and strong.

  • No, put him in there, and that will soak up that solution kind of.

  • After that, mix it around a little bit after several minutes, maybe half hour.

  • So it'll be it'll be all soaked up and it'll look like this.

  • And you've got nice smelling, Ah, baby lotion filled and rubbing alcohol cleaning lights.

  • And, you know, I've been using wrong rubbing alcohol to actually clean my hands in my office for years, and it works really well to clean the head.

  • Try one.

  • Jim, you're rubbing.

  • Alcohol is great because it also is effective against viruses.

  • So all you're using its antibacterial wipes.

  • You got to make sure there's a least a 60% or more concentration of alcohol.

  • Otherwise, you don't get the virus is so I don't know if you'll do this.

  • Every time I leave the year I take the local swabs, wipe off my my phone, my stethoscope and everything else.

  • So alcohol is a cheap, effective cleaner.

  • Both bacteria is actually really moist.

  • Ugo, you having fun?

Our next question comes to us.


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