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  • Toronto.

  • Hi, Niko.

  • How you doing?

  • What are you doing here?

  • Well, uh, my age is new.

  • Offices are across the street.

  • So, you know, I thought I stop by and say hi.

  • You thought you'd stop by?

  • What made you think that that would be a good idea?

  • Listen to curl.

  • I'm sorry, the way things turned out, okay.

  • But I thought you thought what?

  • Excuse me?

  • Back.

  • Let me call you right back.

  • Did you actually think that I'd be happy to see you?

  • Are you that full of yourself?

  • You excuse Toronto, you have me.

  • And apparently I'm not.

  • What?

  • You want it?

  • You got what you chose.

  • So what are you doing here, Nicole?

  • I just Just what?

  • I just wanted to Toronto.

  • Let me make things perfectly clear, okay?

  • I don't ever, ever want to see you here again.

  • Heiko, listen.

  • I'm sorry.



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ジョジー・ハリスとショット・ブラウンのロスト・アンド・ファウンド・ムーヴ - 法律事務所のシーン (Josie Harris and Shott Brown in Lost and Found moive - law office scene)

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