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  • So we have Wembley.

  • Finally, after that, we had a great game of football Girl, actually.

  • And no.

  • And that possession the possession surprises me a little bit past it.

  • And I think it felt like I didn't feel that Lester had more.

  • But I don't feel that dominated the possession like this starts would suggest.

  • It was a weird kid.

  • You're right.

  • It was an excellent game.

  • Open entertaining What you want from a semifinal with some day taking the glory.

  • Then what a shock mentioned.

  • You know, Nyland and goal was ship Herb first half and then Velicka meant it.

  • You know, obviously the lead.

  • Everything came down a lot.

  • Come down the left.

  • Grealish faded out to the left and target getting forward on the overlap.

  • That happened quite a lot.

  • And then in the second half, when you left the push for a bit and then Vela, Look what to say to me that was going to go on and get the second call and maybe even the fungal.

  • They missed a couple of great chances.

  • Equaliser comes along.

  • You think right That set the pendulum has swung and it did dead swing and villa you know they rode the lock a little bit with some of those chances and Lester maybe a little profligate in front of gold, and they got the sucker punch at the end.

  • It's hard to say relevant deserve er, but you think about the last in the plate.

  • Manzetti recently at home.

  • Yeah, pummeled by 61.

  • That's not going to spoil the celebrations tonight, but it's just put it in context.

  • Lots of wide open Swat's got swashbuckling football.

  • Is Craig said to place in particular Jack Grealish, James Madison.

  • How good are these two places?

  • They put on a show just simply outstanding.

  • Both have been singing their praises or season long, maybe less.

  • If agree.

  • Let's just because of Villa struggles.

  • But everything about Aston Villa goes through Jack Grealish.

  • Whenever they're good, he has two.

  • Yes, and be fantastic on it was on the night.

  • Now, if you look at these two teams in the table, judging on today's on, today's performance is not a whole lot between them, but again, if you look at the Premier League table, you see the gulf between these two sides and it doesn't quite add up.

  • Aston Villa.

  • I thought we were very good when they had the opportunities they made the most of them on in again, that song each way.

  • Nyland Very good.

  • Early on I don't really remember Schmeichel making too many seas, but then he conceded a couple Onda.

  • As you rightly point out, you two main protagonists for both teams.

  • We're stand out Well, absolutely brilliant.

  • France Similar.

  • We get back to Emily memory that just there for the championship playoff final in May with the doctor Who will they be facing is the question.

  • Well, the the oddsmakers, Aaron no doubt whatsoever.

  • Not gonna win much money on Manchester City.

  • Advancing to the final member.

  • They lead 31 Manchester United.

  • You fancy a flooded?

  • You get 28 Tawana, Thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube.

  • For Maur sports highlights and analysis, be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming, bringing in content.

  • And let's not forget as well.

So we have Wembley.


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