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  • Hi, guys.

  • Welcome back to the channel today.

  • I have even with me shooting a video of a collie flower across pizza.

  • Yes, that's correct.

  • So we're using only seven ingredients, and today we're substitute substitute substituting, substituting eggs with flax seeds and water.

  • Yes, that's right.

  • So that makes like a gelatin kind of ah texture as a binder tried probably 5 to 6 times to make cauliflower pizza.

  • Because obviously, everyone loves pizza in this house.

  • And it has been such a failed every single kind that literally Gary, my husband's like So if this is gonna happen, I'll be very happy.

  • We have already are cauliflower.

  • Did you put any salt when you think?

  • No, because we're arguing their soul to the door to the beach today.

  • So we're going to squeeze the cauliflower because we want to get all the liquid of That's very important.

  • I feel like this is where it went for me.

  • Like the most important step for this recipe.

  • You can use whatever like any kind of kitchen table that you have.

  • You're gonna do this for 3 to 4 minutes.

  • Wow.

  • Nothing's gonna come out if I squeeze.

  • This is why I failed with my pizza crust prior to I'm gonna add cauliflower.

  • Yeah, If you want to help me, you can add the rest of the ingredients.

  • Okay, So I'm gonna put all of this so you don't have to keep it there until it's, like, perfectly, Yeah, if you lend it too much.

  • Yeah, it's gonna be like a cauliflower puree.

  • Can you tell that it's kind of about, like, a sticky, so we don't want it sticky.

  • Okay.

  • Okay, so we're adding cornmeal, and, uh and that's for it to not stick.

  • Yep.

  • We're gonna spread our mix.

  • He's a very traditional.

  • It's a crust.

  • We first bake it, and then we'll put the ingredients.

  • You can make this in advance.

  • You can make, like, several pizza crust on you.

  • Can you freeze it?

  • Ah, that's amazing.

  • But do you freeze it like this?

  • Or it can be about once is old where you bake.

  • Got it.

  • Then you can Our old you're veggies.

  • Whatever.

  • Whatever.

  • This is a great, like Sunday prep for, like, a week or something, right?

  • Oh, but you see, that's where I messed up because I put already old this stuff and then I put it in a soggy.

  • We're gonna take this to the open for 35 to 4 minutes and then after four minutes, we're gonna flip it for 20 more minutes.

  • We're gonna blend this with the salt line and just a little bit of help.

  • It's good.

  • My kids won't need it, but I feel like it grows on you just because I'm telling you how much cheese snob I love cheese.

  • Thank you so much for watching the video to watch my lazy recipes of what In a day?

Hi, guys.


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