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  • everybody with the Jonas Brothers, and we're about to read some dreams that people tweet about us.

  • This is tweet.

  • Dreams had a dream of the Jonas Brothers with my cousins and Nick.

  • Jonas wanted to borrow some money to sneak out and go buy tacos.

  • It's actually pretty accurate.

  • A big fan of Carlito's tacos cousin does is a lot of sometimes I enjoy some boyo respond toe tacos.

  • I could also go for some that I mentioned Carney does.

  • I had a dream that Joe Jonas was a bartender at my restaurant and no one questioned it.

  • But I did give him.

  • My Nick is and always have been my favorite job, bro.

  • Rant.

  • You know, I think I am a pretty good bartender.

  • What drinks can you make?

  • Alcoholic drinks?

  • I want to know what this ranch is.

  • It's as if we should know this spiel that she's talking about you trying to explain why I am so much better than you guys?

  • Not necessarily just why that that is what it's all about.

  • Typically, I'd be the favorite, but she went with you in this dream might not be the truth.

  • Dreams aren't reality.

  • I had a dream.

  • Kevin Jonas was like a Harry muscle daddy like, And I was so into it.

  • Real meat would be in jail for the things dream.

  • Me said to dream.

  • Kevin.

  • Wow.

  • Interesting.

  • Sorry.

  • Can I?

  • I wrote that one in a dream, Daddy.

  • Here for your dreams.

  • It was Harry Muscle Dream, Daddy.

  • Um, I really a Harry muscle daddy.

  • Well, you're not.

  • But in this dream you were I dreamt last night that I was performing with the Jonas Brothers on a stage in some bar.

  • And Joe kept lowering my volume but was pretending like he didn't know why I couldn't be hurt.

  • Why are all your dreams about drinking at bars?

  • My fans know what's up.

  • Unplug their instruments a couple times on stage.

  • True, you did.

  • You did step on.

  • Liked our cable.

  • One time guitar went flat down on the ground, snapped in half.

  • That is sure it was a birthday gift, right?

  • There's a birthday gift that he received that day.

  • Last night, I dreamt Nick Jonas didn't have feet, but had shoes that clicked into his legs like a doll.

  • That's that is true, right?

  • Ning?

  • It's true.

  • You actually that's why he has to wear these boots.

  • I think you do look like a Lego.

  • Sometimes I do look like a Lego something.

  • What can I say?

  • I've got a Lego physique.

  • Fizzy square body.

  • I had a dream that me and Kevin Jonas were playing Mary and Joseph for a Christmas play and we made out L M f a O.

  • That's more of a fan fiction.

  • It was baby Jesus.

  • Yeah, you're way more, baby Jesus type.

  • So that dream doesn't add up.

  • If I had to cast my brothers in the Nativity role, I think Nick would be like the main Wiseman.

  • Correct?

  • Joe would just sheep.

  • No, I always dreamt I would meet Joe Jonas and he would fall in love with me and leave his then girlfriends.

  • But now I dream of meeting Sophie Turner.

  • Who leaves Joe Jonas for me?

  • I'm not showing this tweet to my wife because this might be the one you never know.

  • I don't want to show her this one.

  • This one is from 2016.

  • Drink that Jonas Brothers are getting back together and are going to make five more albums together.

  • Just five.

  • If this was written in 2016.

  • Uh, we can now confirm that you are right.

  • And, uh, five album goes.

everybody with the Jonas Brothers, and we're about to read some dreams that people tweet about us.


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Tweet Dreams w/ The Jonas Brothers (Tweet Dreams w/ The Jonas Brothers)

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