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  • You're probably watching this video for one of two reasons: either you've reached the

  • end of the Internet and have nothing left to watch, or you've broken the camera lens

  • on your Samsung Note 8 and you want to fix it for cheap instead of paying a huge insurance

  • deductible.

  • Well, you're in the right spot because I have a broken camera lens.

  • Oh, wait.

  • Hold on.

  • Okay, now it's broken.

  • Let's get started.

  • [Intro]

  • The biggest tip I can give during this operation is to go slow, be careful, and don't let the

  • glass fall into the camera unit.

  • Glass dust inside the camera will keep it from focusing later on.

  • I'll give you some tips on how to correct the situation if it should happen to befall

  • you.

  • There are two types of lenses.

  • One that comes with a full metal frame - this would need to be installed under the back

  • panel, which is a little more difficult, but if the back glass of your phone is already

  • cracked and needs to be replaced anyway, it's easier to replace the frame of the camera

  • lens and the back panel at the same time.

  • It took me a long time to source these Bonafide Hardware camera lenses.

  • There are a lot of imitation cheap flexible plastic lenses out there, but as you can see,

  • these are a much higher quality glass version.

  • If you don't want to remove the back glass panel of your phone, buy the glass only version

  • of the camera lens.

  • It has the adhesive pre-installed.

  • It is a little more dangerous to replace, but the whole operation is easier because

  • you only have to remove one thing instead of the whole back panel.

  • I'll explain.

  • Heat is going to be our best friend during this operation, along with a thin pair of

  • tweezers which I'll link in the video description.

  • Heat softens the adhesive under the glass layer, making the little shards of glass easier

  • to pull up without breaking them.

  • You want to minimize the breakage as much as possible.

  • Remember, since glass is the same hardness as glass, any bits of glass dust laying around

  • in your work space has potential to rub up against the screen and scratch it and give

  • it some micro abrasions.

  • So try to keep the glass dust clear from the work space.

  • Each time the lens cools down, the adhesive will get hard, I'll just warm it up again.

  • It's a rather tedious process because I'm taking special care not to let the glass fall

  • into the camera unit.

  • The camera has optical image stabilization and a focus mechanism requires movement, so

  • getting glass jammed up inside the Note 8 camera unit will keep things from moving and

  • working like normal.

  • The exterior glass we are installing has nothing to do with focusjust protection.

  • All of the focus and stabilization happens underneath the glass.

  • All of the glass dust, shards, and adhesive needs to be cleaned off from inside the metal

  • camera lens frame.

  • Any dust left will become a pressure point for the new glass and might cause the new

  • glass to break when it gets pressed into place.

  • I'll flip the phone over and give it a couple sharp taps with my finger to help dislodge

  • any dust caught inside the camera unit.

  • It looks like this Note 8 is focusing on both my hand and my metal pry tool easy enough

  • with both the normal lens and the telephoto lens.

  • So now it's time to put the new glass into place.

  • I'll have these Bonafide Hardware lenses linked in the description.

  • The important thing is to make sure there are no fingerprints on the inside of the lens

  • before putting it down.

  • It needs to be clean on the underside.

  • I'll blow it off to get rid of any dust and gently remove the adhesive protection without

  • touching the underside of the glass, and then I can set it into place.

  • Remember, glass is glass and doesn't need any force.

  • I'll make sure it's snug and the adhesive will do the rest.

  • And there we go, the glass is installed, flush with the back surface of the phone.

  • I'll test it out really quick, and it's having no problems with either of the two lenses,

  • focusing on my hand and the pry tool.

  • If it was to stop focusing, I'd give it a few sharp taps on the screen while the camera

  • was facing down to help dislodge any debris.

  • Everything I used in this video will be linked in the video description whether your camera

  • lens is broken already or you are the prepared type just buying a backup, I hope I was able

  • to help out.

  • Hit that subscribe button if you haven't already, and thank you so much for watching.

  • I'll see you around.

You're probably watching this video for one of two reasons: either you've reached the


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注意 8 カメラのレンズの交換 - 割れたガラスの修正 (Note 8 Camera Lens Replacement - Cracked Glass fix)

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