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  • however, one welcome to another video Now, Mo first foray into the world off the Witcher was with wild hunts, and I'm ashamed to say that I have never had any past experiences.

  • With the 1st 2 games since watching the Netflix show, I've had a sudden urge to get back into the video game.

  • Siri's and I plan to start at the very beginning.

  • After taking a look back at some of the original reviews for both the first and second games and reading many opinions regarding the pros and cons of each.

  • It wasn't just the story Game play, an atmosphere that was being talked about.

  • What really stood out was how well or how, Not very well.

  • The Witcher, too.

  • The second installment in the Siri's Ran on Peces, released in May of 2011.

  • Then again, is the enhanced addition.

  • 11 months later, all owners of the original copy received free upgrades to the enhanced game, which featured over 10 gigabytes of new content that expanded the story included or D O.

  • C.

  • And fixed various bugs.

  • That's all well and good, but you still needed a PC that could handle it unless you opted for the X box 360 release.

  • At first, a quick glance of the minimum and recommended system requirements wouldn't really put me at any unease.

  • The recommended requirements don't sound too demanding, even for 2012 standards and the minimum requirements.

  • Well, even better.

  • But keep these in mind for future reference.

  • It's clear why it gave hardware hard time, higher settings.

  • I think it looks fantastic now.

  • So 2012 me would have certainly bean in or at the visuals.

  • And as I admired my computer, which I believe featured a jewel core A M D.

  • A.

  • 4 33 100 AP you at the time would have weep TTE like with any PC game.

  • It's important to manage your expectations when choosing graphical settings.

  • Despite the temptation to stick everything on max and suffer in silence at the unstable frame rates, this mid range HD 68 50 from 2010 can easily handle the game a 10 80 p low with around 60 frames per second.

  • It can even handle 30 plus F.

  • P s with the ultra preset just about.

  • But there will be some dips here and there to be expected, but there is one setting that is not to be toiled with one setting that turns this game into what I'd like to formally coin a PC melter.

  • And that is uber sampling back in 2000 and 11 I believe Tech Spot wrote that with the ultra settings and uber sampling on, there is no single graphics card that will provide playable performance at resolutions above 16 80 by 10 50 16 80 by 10 50 was a very common resolution back in the day, even at this resolution there, GTX 5 90 managed just 36 F.

  • P s, with weaker cards hitting well below 30.

  • So what is uber sampling?

  • Well, this option means that your system has to render everything multiple times before displaying completely, eliminating any pesky jagged edges on dhe texture filtering issues.

  • That explanation came from digital foundry.

  • My favorite explanation, though, comes from a random Internet stranger who just said in the forum that it makes everything look way better but cuts your frame rate in half.

  • It's a brutal anti a leasing solution that is great for screen shots, but not so great for game play these days.

  • You could use something like a MDs virtual super resolution technology or invidious DSR to create a similar effect.

  • The game will be rendered at a higher resolution and then scaled down to your display raise, eliminating jagged edges just the same.

  • But I couldn't resist trying out uber sampling in the witch or two on modern hardware just to see what we can expect.

  • First, let's look at the 68 50 performance again.

  • As you can see, the frame rate has pretty much being cut in half.

  • And it's clear that anyone who was expecting acceptable frame rates on a card like this back in 2012 would have bean in for a nasty surprise.

  • Should they have enabled this option by mistake?

  • It was at this point I decided to swipe the card out for something more modern, although the which are two was too much for Top GP used back in 2012.

  • Surely it's no match for the likes off.

  • I don't know a Vegas 64 for example, a card that still tears through pretty much any new title with 60 F.

  • P.

  • S at higher or ultra settings with the 10 80 p ultra preset here we were seeing a pretty solid frame rate throughout this combat seemed it very well, and 60 F p s was an easy target.

  • Busier foliage covered areas like this forest, however, did drop things a bit in terms of the frame rates, but we didn't go below that magic number.

  • So what about our old friend Uber sampling?

  • Let's say you want the absolute best, which you two graphical experience and you've got an eight gig Vegas 64 or similar at your disposal.

  • What can you expect?

  • Well, say goodbye to 60 frames per second.

  • In fact, say goodbye to 30.

  • If the action heats up as 28 was the lowest in this particular scene.

  • A gentle stroll through the forest with uber sampling on also proved to be very intensive.

  • And this is certainly an option.

  • You should keep off if you want a 60 F PS experience, even in 2020 with this eight year old game, don't get me wrong.

  • 60 F B s is still achievable in some areas and in very brief spells.

  • But a closer to 30 f PS experience is far more common.

  • Some indoor areas will even drop as low as 25 with this card.

  • Just take a look at this tavern scene.

  • We are really suffering here in terms off performance I mentioned before that you can use a M.

  • D.

  • S, V S, r or in videos DSR to render the game at a high resolution and scale it to your display.

  • Some may say this makes uber sampling obsolete, and I'd be inclined to agree, especially when you can use these methods to eliminate all the jacket edges just the same by, for example, rendering the game in four K on a 10 80 p monitor.

  • 60 f.

  • P s still isn't doable, but the result is a more pleasant one.

  • As you can see by this footage, I believe that the witch or two has rightfully earned the title of a PC Melter metaphorically, of course, but it's clear that this masterpiece we'll need some serious hardware to run at the absolute highest settings.

  • Even now, my only advice would be to keep uber sampling firmly off an experiment with Amy's V S, l or invidious DSR options first, before even running in a native four K raise.

  • Thank you very much for watching.

  • I hope you've enjoyed this video of the first in a series off games that I will be calling PC melters games that, when cranked all the way up will struggle, will be investigating why they struggle on what you can do to get similar graphical results with better performance.

  • As for this video, well, if you did enjoy it, leave a like on it.

  • Leave a dislike if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already.

  • And anyone with a 28 e t I out there, please let me know if you can run this at four K a resolution or at 10.

  • 80 be resolution with uber sampling enabled.

  • I'd love to hear what sort of frame rates you're getting.

  • Thank you, and I'll see you all in the next one.

however, one welcome to another video Now, Mo first foray into the world off the Witcher was with wild hunts, and I'm ashamed to say that I have never had any past experiences.


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