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  • Oh! Hey, hey!

  • Have you seen our friend, the lady that we came in with?

  • Pft..she's over there.

  • Oh, dear...

  • JR Hartley.

  • Postcode? NE1...

  • ..4...A...BJ. SHE GIGGLES

  • Yeah, no, sorry. I'm so sorry, officer, she's with us.

  • Look, this woman just needs to go home. Absolutely.

  • She was urinating in the street. Jesus!

  • Many apologies, she doesn't get out much.

  • Well, that's funny, cos we booked her here on Saturday.

  • Oh, I think that's our Uber! Er...DYC... DYC!

  • Hi, hi! Are you here for Julia?

  • Yeah. Yes! Kevin, quick, get her in!

  • We're going to Wimbourne Street via Almond Road. Sure.

  • Oh, my God, Kevin! Go and get her!

  • Kevin, go and get her!

  • Get down here right now! SHE SINGS LOUDLY

  • Please...!

  • Get down!

  • Right, I'm going to count to three!

  • One, two...

  • ..two and a half...three.

  • Right, right, that's it!

  • I'm counting to five!

  • One, two... Oi!

  • Kevin, can't we just leave her?

  • I really hate this, and I want to go.

  • Julia, no mum left behind!

  • I don't care, Kevin, I want to go home!

  • Well, what if she gets killed or something?

  • I don't want blood on my hands!

  • Oh, for fuck's sake!

  • Call Liz!

  • Please! Ah...

  • Beep! Oi, oi, oi...

  • Cheer up, love, might never happen!

Oh! Hey, hey!


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出かける時のママはこんな感じ!???- マザーランドPreivew Clip|BBC予告編 (Is this what my mum is like when she goes out!? ?? - Motherland: Preivew Clip | BBC Trailers)

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