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  • Let's talk about investments.

  • Real que the Matthew McConaughey.

  • Basil.

  • I am by no means like a stock investing expert.

  • But basically my strategy right now is I have a certain amount of money in my savings account that I know I can access any time.

  • So if something bad happens to my health, if I can't make money anymore, I don't know if the Russians have YouTube and I can no longer money off of it.

  • Then I still know that I can pay rent and I eat food and I'm safe.

  • Secondly, if you have debt, pay that off, starting with the highest interest rate.

  • And then thirdly, we have money for investments.

  • This is money that you don't need to access right away.

  • The basic investment strategy is just don't put all your eggs in one basket.

  • Please do not put all of your money in one company.

  • God forbid, I kind of go the safe route and invest in Bangor.

  • They have funds that are like the top Fortune 500 companies.

  • I also invest in a socially conscious fund, which is a blend of companies that either have really good environmental practices that use their trade practices that give their workers health care, et cetera, And that also just makes me feel good about investing.

  • I also have some money in bonds, which tend to fluctuate less but also give you less return on your money.

  • So stocks more risk, more reward typically, and then bonds less risk.

  • Let's reward a quick expansion on this pretty oversimplified statements, but basically the blend of salt and bonds that you invested depends on your tolerance for risk.

  • So generally, if you're younger, like like most people who watch my videos are, and you're not planning to retire and withdraw all that money for a while, you can tolerate more risk and therefore invest more heavily in stocks, versus if you're a bit older, your kind of middle age.

  • You want to start shifting your investments more heavily towards bonds because you're closer to retirement when you're gonna withdrawal The bulk of that money, My last and probably most important piece of investment advice is Do not fucking check the stock market every single day when you have money in it.

  • Okay, you put the money in and you leave it.

  • Since I started investing money, a couple of years ago.

  • There have been a couple of bumps and homes in the market.

  • Back in February, like a couple of years ago, the market dipped like 10% in a matter of days, and I was a little bit freaked out, but I didn't take my money out of my socks.

  • And lo and behold, a couple months later, it's made up for that difference.

  • If you like freak out at every little bump, it hum, you're probably going to lose money.

  • But if you keep money in the market over a very long period of time, we're talking decades.

  • All of the bumps in the market balance out and over a long period of time, you generally get a return on your investment.

  • So that is just might super, ultra basic knowledge of investments mostly thought I would make this video just because I don't see a whole lot of young people and especially young women talking about how to invest money.

  • So hopefully is just like a little jumping off point for you guys to go and do your own research and figure out your own investment strategy.

Let's talk about investments.


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