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  • So a little while ago, I made a video on this device right here, kind of iconic at this point, iconic for the wrong reasons.

  • It feels like a weapon.

  • It probably could be a weapon.

  • In fact, almost everybody who commented on this particular smartphone viewed it as a disappointment.

  • This, of course, is the red hydrogen smartphone.

  • That's a company with credibility in the camera space delivering professional grade video, cinema cameras, but no experience here, not with smartphones.

  • So when they said they were going to make a smartphone, a lot of people got really excited.

  • They were like, Well, this could be the smart phone with the best camera, for example, I went out and I preordered not this model, but the Maury expensive titanium version I've actually got.

  • It finally showed up.

  • Now this thing was delayed, but red did something kind of cool.

  • While people were waiting for their titanium version, they sent over a free aluminum version.

  • In the meantime, while you were waiting, that's cool.

  • This one is 1300 bucks right now, $1600 US.

  • I thought it would make sense to unbox this and do a quick comparison visually speaking.

  • I don't know of another titanium smartphone on Planet Earth, but this also offers up opportunity to kind of talk a little bit about Red's future in the smartphone game and some suggestions I have.

  • But first things first.

  • Let's check this out.

  • It's kind of cool looking.

  • It's heavy, much like the other one.

  • It's a rugged weapon like looking thing, not a claim to fame.

  • Here is the three D functionality, but as we all know, I mean, that kind of it didn't pan out, didn't catch fire as Faras TVs were concerned with that feature.

  • It didn't catch fire with the Nintendo device.

  • Remember the three D s construction dough?

  • It's like cyborg future carbon fiber titanium.

  • It's all the buzz words.

  • This is probably what you would be using in the post apocalyptic cyberpunk future.

  • You can see we got these pins here on the bottom.

  • Lot of promise there with modules and accessories and so on, none of which we've seen yet.

  • But that just highlights how complicated and difficult it is to get into the smartphone market and to keep up with the times, the smartphone market place moving so fast I don't know how customers feel, who pre ordered this, because it's hard to be mad because you've got this free phone.

  • But then, in general, the way that the device was accepted by people, I didn't read a single review or watch a single video from a customer or from a TEC channel that was like, This is the one.

  • This is what you need This device is definitely not concerned with screen to body ratio.

  • You kind of had to search and hunt for a reason for this thing to exist cause it wasn't the best at the thing you had hoped it would be the best That.

  • And that, of course, is the camera unit.

  • Not good.

  • Everything is very blurry.

  • Glasses list three D Capable Display There's a novelty factor associated with showing off that type of content watching it yourself for the first time, second time kind of three D, but not very far.

  • It's not like out here.

  • It's just like a little bit away from the display.

  • It's super hard to what do I even I mean, I can't imagine carrying this thing.

  • Eventually, you're just like I just want to see my content.

  • The way that I expect some relatively large speaker units on it so it can deliver some decent sounds.

  • Still, not the best that I actually heard on any device.

  • Theo theme?

  • A bit disappointed myself.

  • I had some high expectations for this phone, and I definitely didn't expect to be sitting here talking about just receiving the titanium version.

  • Maybe the smart phone itself.

  • The smartphone form factor is the wrong place for Red to innovate, this brand very popular in the professional camera space.

  • The problem, though, with red cameras, is that they're big.

  • They're gigantic, and that's good for what they do.

  • But it leaves a gap.

  • You know, there's a gap somewhere between the smartphone and the huge professional camera.

  • That's where I think Red should be playing.

  • That's where I think they could innovate if Red had a compact pocket cinema camera with a touch screen on the back that ran android so you could share from it immediately so you could get better quality stuff that could then interface immediately with social media, YouTube and the other things that you do on Android that could be compelling.

  • Interchangeable lenses on a device like that could be compelling.

  • Ah, bigger sensor than expected on a device like that could be compelling some of the things that held back those previous Samsung Android based cameras.

  • It was the fact that they just were bad cameras that so happened to have Android slapped onto him.

  • But what about a good camera?

  • What about a red camera with an android back and then read caliber sensors and so on on the front end?

  • So here's my advice to read Kill this product.

  • I don't see it happening.

  • I don't see this picking up steam.

  • I don't know who this is for, and I could name plenty of cameras that are better than this one.

  • Of course, the pixel, the latest Samsung and so on.

  • That marketplace is moving too quickly.

  • But you could create this whole new marketplace somewhere between where you're at with the pro cameras and the smart phone itself.

So a little while ago, I made a video on this device right here, kind of iconic at this point, iconic for the wrong reasons.


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