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  • will bring hell down from on high.

  • Dear Lord, let your Holy Angel be with into your hands.

  • I commend myself, my body and soul.

  • Congratulations on your command.

  • We'll always be looking for you leaving even if I'm 1000 miles away.

  • Keri scored a Greyhound.

  • You will now be on a range of air cover for the next five days.

  • Travels?

  • How many crossings does this make?

  • This is my first.

  • I got some.

  • Most like the U boat.

  • We killed distress rockets.

  • It's directly on the convoy.

  • Wolf backs on this 48 hours.

  • We've lost seven ships.

  • That is old.

  • You did yesterday Got us today.

  • Know enough.

  • Not nearly enough targets disappeared, sir.

  • We're not surviving.

  • Here they come.

  • What we gonna do?

  • Well, read hell down from on high.

will bring hell down from on high.


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グレイハウンド』予告編(2020年 (GREYHOUND Trailer (2020))

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    林宜悉 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日