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  • you can't make a formal any kind of a formal change to your forecast right now.

  • It's gonna take a couple of days for that at least several hours.

  • But is it fair to conclude or not?

  • Joe Biden is the front runner.

  • Now He is, and I think people have been talking about Michigan.

  • The possibility for a comeback.

  • But not every nomination lasts until the bitter end.

  • Bernie Sanders lost all the kind of Democratic women of swing states tonight, basically, right.

  • There's already some polling in Michigan, and the point is, we often Michigan last time showing Sanders behind there.

  • It may just be that voters do not want another very long and drawn out nomination process that Joe Biden.

  • There is a big African American vote in Michigan, so I want to be like little contrarian to the contrary, honest here and say, Maybe it will be actually kind of easy for Biden.

  • Who knows that's a possibility.

  • Too easy for by nothing in this race has been, did make tonight.

  • Look easy s so far.

  • Let's take one last look before we go in.

  • What the states that are still being counted right now that is the state of Texas right now?

  • 82% of the vote now in Tom and Joe Biden continuing to hold that lead actually expanding 1000.

  • And what this shows is that Joe Biden, at least tonight, because it is the story of the night he won in cities.

  • He wanted suburbs.

  • He won in rural areas.

  • The only place he really didn't win in Texas right now looks like is along the border.

  • But he did win in cities like Houston and Dallas that have very large Hispanic populations.

  • This was a good night, no doubt for Joe Biden.

  • But of course, the man of state, the state that we're all gonna be looking at the Golden State here, California still a lot of the vote left out Bernie Sanders at 30%.

  • The big question, George.

  • And we'll know in a couple of days.

  • How big was his victory here?

  • How many delegates is gonna pull from the 4 15 and where that puts him?

  • But in the Headline War, it's a good night for Joe Biden.

  • Let's take one last look at the state of Maine.

  • Can't forget about main.

  • Another big surprise.

  • Let's see, uh separation by about 3000 votes.

  • If that 2% points 91 this is this is gonna be really close.

  • I mean, we'll probably find out about this maybe tomorrow, but, uh, just a big surprise.

  • George, who fought Joe Biden four days ago, was gonna win Maine.

  • Elizabeth Warren breaks the threshold at 17%.

  • She'll get some delegates there.

  • But, you know, with Bernie winning his home state, then New Hampshire, you think that trend would continue into Maine?

  • And yet voters in main went for Joe Biden.

  • Ah, lot of them.

  • They may split the delegates, but it's a good night for him.

  • Mary Bruce, you cover Capitol Hill every day you cover House Speaker Nancy Pelosi likes a former President Obama.

  • She's unlikely to come out with a formal endorsement.

  • We're likely to see the pattern of the last several days Continue.

  • Yeah, I suspect you are going to see a lot more endorsements.

  • And like Barack Obama, while she may not come out and formally endorse, she certainly has ways to send strong signals.

  • If she wants to, you could potentially see other democratic leaders of the members of leadership coming out and also endorsing.

  • But I think given the clear impact of these endorsements over the last two and two or three days, they're gonna want to try and keep that up the button campaign.

  • They're gonna want to have more endorsements.

  • Jon Karl The president might be asleep right now, but he's always wakes up early When we get up for Good Morning America tomorrow, Who's the first tweet about?

  • Hey, May.

  • He may actually dance on Bloomberg's grave a little bit before he, uh, he goes that Joe Biden, but I think he's got a few more shots left left.

  • A Bloomberg Chris Christie is nodding his head, and that is all for us and I.

  • We're wrapping up our coverage.

  • Super Tuesday Big night for Joe Biden.

  • He's won at least eight states so far.

  • Three for Bernie Sanders.

  • Tonight.

  • Michael Bloomberg wins American Samoa after spending half a $1,000,000,000 in this campaign, the race will be very different tomorrow.

  • We'll be right there first thing in the morning on G M A.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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  • Thanks for watching.

you can't make a formal any kind of a formal change to your forecast right now.


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