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  • to protect it or you went in the table this time another day.

  • Another smartphone leak in this case, My goodness, it's like the whole device.

  • The Wall Way p 30 p 30 pro.

  • The latest flagship from Wal Away it's leaked out, even so far is showing up on Amazon with a price and a spec list.

  • It's pretty wild.

  • So yes, this is very likely an image of the next wall way.

  • Flagship P 30.

  • That's the P 30 pro in that picture right there.

  • And that's the Amber color with 128 gigs of storage price point.

  • It looks like it's gonna be around 1000 bucks if this post here on Amazon is to be believed.

  • But I'm fairly confident at this point based on all the leaks piling up now.

  • So the main focus with this device to change, of course, it comes on the camera unit.

  • This has been a big performer in the camera space.

  • In fact, camera stuff that Wally has been doing in some people's book is the premium in a smartphone space.

  • This is gonna be a quad camera set up with a 40 megapixel sensor, a 10 X hybrid zoom center and also a 20 megapixel sensor front camera.

  • The selfie camera's gonna be 32 megapixels.

  • It's a It's a mega pixel fest going on now, based on the information that Wall way leaked out on their own website.

  • It sounds like this thing is gonna be an even better low light performer than the previous version, which is kind of hard to believe.

  • But that's what they're saying.

  • I expect them to put a lot of focus on the camera set up when the event actually happens.

  • In a few days here.

  • Now it looks like there's gonna be two devices p 30 p 30 pro.

  • We have what looks like images for both, as well as, ah, nice little sampling of the various colors that will be available.

  • It's kind of similar in some ways to other products we've seen from Wal away with these color shifts in these kind of rainbow effects.

  • On the front of the device, the cutout is not so much of a notch.

  • I mean, it isn't notch, but it's kind of somewhere between a teardrop and the not so we saw the essential phone.

  • It's a tiny little dot in the center of the top edge of the display.

  • Otherwise, you're looking at a really slim basil all the way around.

  • And, you know, it is kind of meets the criteria for what you would expect from the next generation, while WAY flagship from a visual perspective now, because his device leaked out in the form of an Amazon post, it goes a step further with this leak.

  • This actually specs that were on that Amazon page that way can presume quite possibly are accurate, I would guess.

  • And this and this pages got published before it should have.

  • So in this case, we're looking at a seven Nana meter curing 9 80 platform eight Gigs of RAM.

  • The model that was showcased on Amazon has 128 gigs of storage and a 42 100 mill AM power battery.

  • So that's actually a slightly bigger battery, then I personally expected, but I wouldn't be surprised because men, a smartphone market place at the flagship level, is now so competitive.

  • In order to differentiate, you gotta be you gotta be delivering on all kinds of categories.

  • Now, of course, this is gonna come in some different models.

  • That is the pro version that the listing leaked out for.

  • And the price point puts that model somewhere around $1000 so squarely planted in the premium smartphone segment up against the galaxy s 10.

  • And, of course, the iPhone 10 s.

  • Now, another feature that was listed on Wall Ways own website when that post went up inadvertently, was this ability to utilize that camera ray on the back of the device in an unusual fashion.

  • At least the way I haven't seen before, in which you could record two simultaneous videos at different focal range, is so you could get both perspectives or the best of both perspectives at once.

  • When you're trying to capture an event that's a pretty cool feature.

  • There's some other ones listed on their website, some other claims that, of course, can be tested at this point in time.

  • But everything is looking legitimate.

  • As of right now.

  • You had the post go up on their website with the product page you had The Amazon post here, Will is showing off some of what leaked out on the website.

  • They went into some detail on the color as well as a heavy focus on the camera unit.

  • I think that's how they're going to market this device.

  • I think they're gonna call it just the best smartphone camera.

  • I believe that's what they're going for.

  • And who knows?

  • They might just achieve that.

  • All right, so the event is scheduled for March 26.

  • That's happening very soon, but I fully expect at this point to see exactly what we're seeing here just in more detail.

  • Hopefully, we get some different price points, and maybe the non pro version comes in a little bit more affordable.

  • We see all the colors, we're gonna see the camera samples.

  • Hopefully, the night boat can blow us away once again.

  • Now, you let me know down in the comments.

  • Where do you think this is going to stack up against the other flagships?

  • Do you think it can beat products like the galaxy s 10?

  • Where do you stand?

  • What are you saying?

  • Let me know in the comments, and we'll check back here in the 26th when we have an official product, but I think it's gonna look like this.

  • I mean, it would be crazy if it looked like anything else at this point with all the information that's leaked out on Wally's own website and on Amazon.

  • Come on, we're going to see it.

  • It's gonna look like this.

to protect it or you went in the table this time another day.


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