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  • We've really seen an escalation in violence

  • between both the protesters and the police

  • over the past few days.

  • At around 8am this morning a police officer shot a protester

  • at close range in the stomach.

  • The protester is now in a critical condition.

  • We also saw a video go viral of a police officer

  • on a motorbike ploughing into protesters this morning.

  • And I think those two incidents combined

  • with the death of a student on Friday

  • brought a lot of office workers out onto the streets

  • today during their lunch break.

  • We saw riot police fire multiple rounds of tear gas

  • in central Hong Kong at people in office shirts.

  • It was really extraordinary to walk around central Hong Kong

  • today at lunchtime and speak to professionals and office

  • workers who were either on the front line...

  • I spoke to one accountant.

  • He said for the first time today he

  • decided to join the front line in his lunch break.

  • He said previously he was a moderate protester

  • but because of what happened on Friday with the first death

  • and how angry he is at the current situation

  • he felt like he needed to step up today.

  • He told me he was petrified of being arrested

  • and of the possible consequences.

  • And we also saw a lot of office workers loitering

  • by the front line, expressing support, chanting slogans.

  • So there seems to be a lot of anger right

  • now amongst not only the more radical front-line protesters,

  • but also moderate working professionals in Hong Kong.

  • So what's going to happen next is

  • we're expecting further escalation of violence

  • between the police and the protesters.

  • Hong Kong's chief executive, Carrie Lam,

  • just held a press conference where she labelled

  • the protesters the enemy of the people.

  • It's important to bear in mind that she currently

  • has the lowest approval ratings of any chief executive

  • in the history of Hong Kong.

  • And the latest polling shows that the vast majority

  • of Hong Kongers overwhelmingly blame her, the police,

  • and the Chinese central government

  • for the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong.

  • That doesn't bode well for the violence de-escalating

  • in Hong Kong.

  • We're seeing a very hard-line stance from mainland China.

  • Over the weekend, the central government released a statement

  • saying that the chief executive of Hong Kong and judges

  • and other people who work for the Hong Kong government all

  • need to be, quote, unquote, "patriots."

  • And they also said there needs to be implementation of Article

  • 23, which are anti-sedition laws in Hong Kong, which

  • when previously floated saw enormous protests

  • on the streets of Hong Kong in 2003.

We've really seen an escalation in violence


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香港の抗議と暴力がエスカレートする理由|FT (Why Hong Kong protests and violence are escalating | FT)

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