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  • all right, big news in Apple Universe.

  • They're releasing all kinds of new products quietly under website without the need for a big event.

  • Granted, none of these products are huge changes.

  • He had the new I Macs the other day.

  • There were some new ipads in the form of the new iPad mini new iPad air.

  • And then today they come out with some brand new air pods which were rumored I talked about I felt the need to make this video, in fact, because I did a video, a comparison of the previous version, the original air pods up against the new Samsung Galaxy buds.

  • And in that video, I kind of hinted at the fact that Apple was likely to refresh the air pots soon.

  • And now they've done it like a couple days after my video.

  • So I kind of need to update you.

  • They've changed some things, the new products a bit more competitive, and it actually implements a feature that the galaxy buds have.

  • Probably the biggest difference from the new ones to the old ones is the fact that the new ones now can charge wirelessly via a wireless charging case.

  • Now you can still purchase the new version of their pots without that case for a cheaper price.

  • So you are paying a premium for the wireless charge case, putting the difference between the galaxy buds from Samsung and the Air pots pricewise even further apart.

  • So the wireless case version of the air pods to will be $200 us and then the original charge case with the new AIRPODS, the type that you have toe plug in via the proprietary lightning cable.

  • Those will be the same price as the old AirPods at 1 59 They'll just replace that old product now.

  • On top of that, if you just wanna upgrade the case on your current airpods to the wireless case, you can purchase that for 79 bucks.

  • So these air some some pretty hefty price tags for these types of products.

  • Of course, it's a $40 premium just to get the wireless charging and would have been nice to see Apple give you wireless charging at the same price point as the original air pods and just get rid of the charge case that doesn't support wireless charging.

  • So the other differences here you have a new chip.

  • They're calling it the H one chip, a new brain inside of the air pods, which gonna improve the performance of the air pods in various ways.

  • It's gonna allow them to connect war quickly to your devices.

  • It's going to allow them to switch between devices more quickly and let you answer phone calls more quickly.

  • And it will extend the battery life on talk time.

  • It's just, um, or efficient Maur Advanced chip.

  • The other thing it's going to be able to do is allow you to launch Siri just via voice by saying, Hey, Siri, Now the other weird piece about this announcement is the fact that Apple still doesn't make a wireless charger off their own.

  • Of course, there's been this rumor around this airpower product, which it does seem like Apple is going to make.

  • They've had this charge pad floating around, even had it on their website at one point that supposedly can charge an iPhone, your air pods and an apple watch all in one device.

  • Now, granted, these devices all support the wireless cheese standard so you could drop him on to 1/3 party wireless charger.

  • You could even charge these new air pods on a Samsung or Google Charger if you want to just rub it in a little bit more.

  • But anyhow, in the meantime, we're waiting for an official apple solution for wireless charging on all these new wireless charge capable devices.

  • The other difference on the new AIRPODS, particularly on the wireless charge cases.

  • There's now an led on the front in order to tell you that you're actively charging when you are on a wireless charge pad.

  • Now we don't know anything about the sound yet.

  • Whether that will change it all, I highly doubt it.

  • They look as far as the ear but is concerned very similar, if not identical, to the previous version.

  • So I expect him to sound the same as well.

  • But I put in the order.

  • I've got the retail version on the waste all update accordingly as I find out more, I know a lot of people out there were expecting a bigger change here.

  • They wanted something more substantial or significant.

  • There was talk of black airpods, which I know got a lot of people excited.

  • It didn't want the typical white look.

  • They wanted something more stealth.

  • There were renders floating around, so no black airpods as of right now, no product red airpods.

  • As of right now, they look identical.

  • You just get the new chip, the wireless charge case and some performance improvements with a price tag to match.

  • I still think they're a bit expensive for what they are compared to the competitors on the market.

  • As I mentioned in the Galaxy Buds video, those were delivering wireless charging in a fully wireless ear bud device for 129 bucks.

  • Now the air pods with wireless charge case are at 200 bucks, almost double the price.

  • But, hey, that's what Apple does.

  • You pay a premium for the convenience as faras upgrading.

  • If you're, uh, Jen, one user of air positive, you just recently spent 160 bucks on AirPods version one.

  • I don't think there's really any reason here to rush out and get the new pair.

  • You can get the wireless charge case if you really want it.

  • In fact, you could also get the wireless charge case adapter that I showcased from 1/3 party company.

  • What was the name of that well East Brooklyn Labs.

  • It's like a rubber case that you put on the outside of the current Airpods charging case, and that gives it wireless charging.

  • It's a lot cheaper than 80 bucks.

  • I think it's like 30 bucks or something to go and spend a fresh 200.

  • When, for all intents and purposes, the functionality is gonna be pretty similar.

  • Beyond a slim improvement on wireless charging.

  • It's not really enough, from my perspective, that said the original product was super convenient, as I said in the Galaxy Buds versus Airport's video.

  • So maybe it's one of those situations where you shouldn't change too much when you have a wildly popular product to begin with, if you want him, you can buy him.

  • Though the shipping dates are already starting to slip, it's crazy how popular these things are.

  • People are already buying them.

  • I saw I saw the report on back rumors.

  • They're saying that the ship dates already slipping on AirPods.

  • People are savages.

  • They're out there.

  • They love their apple products.

  • You can't deny it for better, for worse.

all right, big news in Apple Universe.


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