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  • We want to know everything about the man they work for.

  • The man, oh no.

  • This isn't about the father.

  • This is about this son part Miss Foul.

  • You've grown strong, son and smarter than I ever imagined.

  • Take me with you.

  • You're all I have left already.

  • There's just one very important thing I have to do.

  • Authorities launched a worldwide manhunt for the famous collector.

  • He is suspected to have been behind some of the biggest robberies ever.

  • Your family has taken something of great value from us, return it to me, or I’ll destroy everything you love.

  • You aren’t supposed to see this yet.

  • Your father is in a complicated profession.

  • For years, he has protected powerful secrets that have kept mankind safe from the dangers of another world.

  • It's time to face your destiny, this is what they called the greatness.

  • But we're not alone in this.

  • Becomes just a talented giant dwarf.

  • And I'm Holly Short, your ally on the other side.

  • It's real.

  • Alright, save my father, save the world.

  • See?

  • Ready.

  • Tell him.

  • Scare Artemis?

  • I prefer scared to death.

  • An army's coming.

  • Stop!

  • You think you can beat us?

  • We'll see.

  • Who do you think you are?

  • I'm the next criminal mastermind.

  • This is what they call greatness.

  • I didn't read much controls, anything I should look out for.

  • The teeth.

  • They eat people.

  • Good to know.

We want to know everything about the man they work for.


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アルテミス・ファウル 予告編2 (2020) (ARTEMIS FOWL Trailer 2 (2020))

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