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  • operation.

  • Abilene was one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam company.

  • Nearly wiped out.

  • Well, thank you.

  • I prayed for a miracle came.

  • His name is Pits.

  • It's save lives.

  • We put him up for the Medal of Honor, but he never got the metal justice delayed.

  • Is justice denied?

  • The Medal of Honor is the highest recognition of military valor?

  • There is.

  • You compare full decorations.

  • Review serpents and barker, sir, from the Department of Defense.

  • I'm here to learn about yourself if you want the real story and you'll need to talk to the mud soldiers.

  • I've never seen lost men like that.

  • If somebody comes down that why salesman?

  • He never even knew that.

  • Sounds like a suicide mission.

  • Suicide?

  • It's hopeless.

  • Could some burger do Fowler?

  • I kept telling him to get out, but he wouldn't go.

  • It was there to save lives.

  • And that's what he was doing.

  • You're here because you're here.

  • We shouldn't even have been there for sure.

  • What are you saying?

  • That friendly fire.

  • We're fighting our own men after action report is missing.

  • We even thought up Operation Apple in in the first place.

  • It's not a can of worms you want.

  • Why not?

  • Information was removed from the original review.

  • You have no idea what you're starting.

  • I have never seen you back off of anything.

  • Usually we're judged by what we do.

  • But what?

  • We don't do it.

  • What?

  • I wants us.

  • I'm gonna go public with the story.

  • Sounds a little dangerous.

  • It'll be great.

  • Getting a medal for pits for men I love might be the only decent thing I call out of that war.

  • But some are.

  • His father was dying.

  • Dying isn't harder than losing a child.

  • Do what you can.

  • Guys like Pitzen Barker to what they do for each other.

  • A life for a life.

  • I need to finish.

  • This Prays that this young man I'm sure the sacrifices of the fallen we'll never be forgotten.



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