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  • I think one of the first things to remember is that now that so many jobs that didn't used to be jobs and I think it's like so many people get, just do what they love and really pursue it.

  • And I know it's kind of easy for me to say, because I get to do that.

  • But I think if there's something that you really love, you have to kind of just do that.

  • And if there's not, if there's not like an obvious career around it, I think you can try and find some way that you can make it a career.

  • I guess.

  • I don't know if I'm I kind of know what you mean.

  • So if you love football, you might not necessary become a footballer.

  • But you could get into it like I always wanted to be a football, but I wasn't good enough, so I wanted to be like a physio.

  • And when we had a career day at school, I got told that was no jobs in physiotherapy.

  • So I became a brilliant Paradies smooth.

  • Don't it always seem to go?

  • Did you don't know what you've got to pay Paradise?

  • Steven was there something else you want?

  • Yes.

  • I mean, I was imagined I'd be a teacher, be growing growing tweed in a corner somewhere.

  • Teaching was not think so, but which I don't you know, I do sort of Miss and I feel sometimes I'm a bit of a teacher, A CZ much is a pompous, preachy sort of person.

  • But Oscar Wilde said that if you know exactly what you want to be in life, a teacher or a grocer or a judge or a soldier, you will become it.

  • That is your punishment, actually, not knowing what you want to be reinventing yourself every morning, not being a noun, but being a verb.

  • Being moving in life, not being fixed in life is a privilege, even though it's a difficult one sentence.

  • Don't don't feel bad about not knowing.

  • I think it's the most wonderful thing to be opened.

  • Permanent student cannon in the mind enough that you said you wanted.

  • You feel about being a teacher.

  • You are Stephen, you teach us so many wondrous things is the nation tsx our Berries on a summer evening and it sounds like I want no Berries, and it's summer feeling So breathe me feeling the pressure about those wise words very much.

  • Steve.

  • Sugar, Sugar, I just on We welcome it to the show this morning.

  • The wonderful Reverend Richard Coles Force the thought.

  • How long?

  • Rich Welcome.

  • It's really lovely to see you.

  • What are you sharing with us this morning?

  • Valentine's Day.

  • Roses and chocolates.

  • Dinner for two, a carefully chosen card with a carefully worded message awaiting Did you get one?

  • I did for my beloved, which came as rather a surprise, not because his unromantic or forgetful, but because he died in December with remarkable foresight, he nevertheless arranged to me a Valentine's card before he departed.

  • I'm very touched and grateful and a bit surprised, because in widowhood you think your days of wine and roses are done.

  • Not so I've just been on a cruise.

  • Winter sun in dark days and aged.

  • A cultish 57 was one of the younger passengers.

  • Onboard demographic naturally includes lots of widows and widowers.

  • And let me tell you, husbands and wives and civil partners may pass away.

  • But romance is eternal, eternal and in some cases persistent.

  • One passenger, a widow of long experience, ripe in years, but sprightly in his affections was known as Romeo Wrong.

  • He took up a position at the back of the Calabash Lounge in time for the classic afternoon film.

  • From There would attempt in age what I imagine with romantic escapades of his youth.

  • So ardent will see in Sunset Boulevard that I heard a woman's voice exclaimed indignantly from the back seat, Ron, do I look like a flipping teenager?

  • Languages actually bit saltier than that.

  • When I turned around and she saw my dog collar, she said unnecessarily.

  • Sorry, vicar, I'm from London, but I was glad to see the spirit of romance still lively on deck on Deck seven.

  • Glad that the onboard florist id a roaring trade and glad that intimate tables for two were filling the restaurants.

  • Let's buy the artificial flicker of the health and safety compliant fake candle rather than the screens of smartphones.

  • How many of those will tonight lie glowing on the table next to the butter knife in restaurants from Southampton to Wick?

  • Well, the light a flicker and dim, but it never goes out for us, the Bible reminds us.

  • Love is strong as death passion.

  • Fierce is the grave.

  • It's flashes of flashes of fire at raging flame.

  • Many waters cannot quench love.

  • Neither can floods.

  • Drown it.

  • If you're lucky enough to have a Valentine Pelt drench, submerge them with cataract of abundant, extravagant and reckless love and have a happy Valentine's Day.

  • You have been in all thoughts and even in your time of grief, you have still make us all laugh and spreading so much love and helping other people going through grief.

  • And we love you.

  • Happy Valentine's Day, my love.

  • That's beautiful, too.

  • Thank you.

I think one of the first things to remember is that now that so many jobs that didn't used to be jobs and I think it's like so many people get, just do what they love and really pursue it.


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