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  • What is our 35?

  • Well, it's tax legislation, which is designed to prevent political disguised employment.

  • A disguised employee is somebody who acts like an employee, looks like an employee but is in fact channeling their work via their own limited company, typically or by an intermediary.

  • Is it sometimes known on government believe that this could be going on for a host of reasons?

  • But one outcome of doing that is that it may be possible to reduce the tax bill for the contractor, and especially actually for the end client or hiring organization, basically, because I don't have to pay employers and I if it's a contractor.

  • So the iPhone, if I rules, are designed to prevent any tax incentive which may come from people attempting the disguise employment.

  • So there was a big concern when this was moved into the public sets, and not least for Mitzi and other groups.

  • Will public sector organizations be able to make accurate determinations on dhe?

  • The problem was that a lot of public sexual relations are naturally quite risk averse, didn't want to upset HMRC or take on the risk it need.

  • Thio on liability for them is only incurred.

  • If they say that I are 35 does not apply.

  • If they say I thought if I did not apply there is a risk that HMRC could come along at a later date and say, Why didn't you do that?

  • Taxes from the payments made Or why didn't the fee pay?

  • Deduct it on?

  • Because the client made the decision, they will be held liable for that.

  • Andi.

  • They may find themselves having to pay a hand over a lot of tax hmrc.

  • Another new thing that came out around this time just before the April 2017 legislation came into effect was something called the check Employment status for Tax Tool is originally called the employment Status Service E S s.

  • But it quickly changed.

  • Its name is assessed Jack employment status for tax.

  • This is an online tool which attempts to clarify the status determination.

  • It could be used by anyone.

  • It's voluntary.

  • In other words, it amused by the end client or an agency or a contractor is voluntary.

  • No one has to use it.

  • And if people do use it, h Muncie, don't keep a record of it.

  • You don't have to put in individuals names.

  • We're leaving, but it asks a series of questions, and as you go free the questions it will then come out with it, turn out a generate an answer are 35 applies or it doesn't apply, or in 15% of cases it doesn't know.

  • It just says we're not sure that's how difficult our 35 is.

What is our 35?


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