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  • Studying should be a rewarding experience that sets you on the path to

  • your future career. But, sometimes it's a little bit difficult to manage your

  • study and other life commitments so here's a few tips for you. As Benjamin

  • Franklin said: "by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail". Staying organised

  • keeps your studies in your life on track so make good use of a diary and a wall

  • planner. By mapping out your year you'll know when your assessments are due and

  • when your exams are scheduled. When you have an idea of your deadlines you can

  • schedule in some free time and have an enjoyable and relaxing break. Do you have

  • the time to study full-time? At Southern Cross University, most courses run over

  • three sessions per year that go for about twelve to fourteen weeks. A

  • full-time student normally studies three to four units a session, at a minimum of

  • ten hours per unit per week that's almost the equivalent of a full-time job.

  • Some courses run over six study periods. Normally you'll be managing full-time

  • work as well as one unit per study period and you'll need to set aside

  • about 20 hours per week of study time. These students are typically SCU online

  • postgraduate students. If at any point you're struggling to stay on top of it

  • all get in touch with the staff and they'll help you find a way to make it

  • more manageable. There are a few online tools to help you stay organized during

  • your studies. Here are four of them. Firstly check your

  • calendar so you know when study's on and when you have time off. On the Southern

  • Cross University website go to key dates/ academic calendar. The next place to

  • check is your unit information guide. Log into my SCU select your learning site

  • and click on unit overview in the left-hand menu. Here you can download the

  • unit information guide which contains all the information you need to know

  • about your unit. The next useful online tool is the study toolkit. There's plenty

  • of study skills modules and a time management module to see if you can

  • manage your social work and study life. On your may I see you home page click on

  • the banner at the bottom of the page if you can't see it try refreshing your

  • browser. Here you'll find a life study calculator,

  • have a play around with the sliders and see if your ideas are manageable. And

  • finally, because sometimes things do become unmanageable, knowing how to be

  • prepared for the more difficult times is critical for your success. It can be

  • really useful to connect with others online via social media Southern Cross

  • University has its own social channels so make sure you follow them to stay

  • updated and connected. Our last tip is to make use of mobile and desktop apps that

  • will make your time at university a little easier. So here are our top 5. The

  • mobile at SCU app has shortcuts to useful University information and

  • webpages. Make sure to download it now. Did you know that all Southern Cross

  • University students get access to Microsoft Office for free? Visit the

  • Technology Services webpage for more information. One of the things you'll

  • need to stay on top of is your student emails from Southern Cross University.

  • Make sure you set up the Outlook app on your smartphone to receive communication

  • from teaching staff, your classmates and other university services. Smiling Mind

  • is an Aussie app designed to help you calm your mind when it's racing and get

  • you into a more balanced state of being. Stay calm and download it now. This last

  • one isn't a specific app but because your health and well-being are so

  • important I'd strongly recommend downloading a health or fitness app. It

  • could be yoga, dance, running or something else - just anything that gets you moving.

  • So there they are, five ways you can stay balanced and

  • organised and get the most out of your time at Southern Cross University. Good

  • luck and stay in touch and check out our other videos.

Studying should be a rewarding experience that sets you on the path to


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サザンクロス大学での生活と勉強の両立の仕方 (How to balance life and study at Southern Cross University)

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