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  • So if you've been to the grocery store, the pharmacy in the past couple of days, you might have noticed a few things missing from the shelves.

  • Those of your hand sanitizers your hand soaps.

  • Of course, that's because of the outbreak of Covert 19 in New York State.

  • Will Governor Andrew Cuomo is out with a solution?

  • Today?

  • The state of New York is making its own hand sanitizer.

  • It's coming out of a prison up in Washington County prison labor is making that.

  • It's not going to everybody.

  • It's not gonna be for sale, but it's going to some municipalities, like Uber Shell in Westchester County for free.

  • Here's Governor Cuomo on that Today in Albany were current capacity is 100,000 gallons per week, and we're going to be ramping up.

  • Will be providing this to governmental agencies, schools, the empty A, prisons, et cetera, because you can't get it on the market, and when you get it, it's very, very expensive.

  • S O that is now in production will start distributions.

  • We're going to distribute it to New Rochelle, which is a hot spot for us, because literally, were you from governments that they're having trouble getting it.

  • Governor Andrew Cuomo says New York steak and currently test upto hundreds of cases for Cove in 19 every day.

  • But he says that the CDC has still not given the state permission for automated testing, which Cuomo says could bring that number up to the thousands of tests every day.

  • Cuomo said he spoke to Vice President Mike Pence about that this morning.

  • I spoke to the vice president this morning who's helping us bring on our private labs and bring on what's called automated testing, which has to be validated by the federal government.

  • Automated testing increases Dramatically your testing capacity.

  • Take north well, labs, for example.

  • I was there yesterday.

  • They can manually do about 80 tests per day automated.

  • They could do 1000.

  • So I spoke with the vice president and CDC and FDA around to follow up with Dr Zucker to accelerate the private labs coming online and doing order made a test that will be a game changer.

  • But Cuomo says that as the virus continues to spread throughout New York, that people should remain calm if they're showing symptoms, they should go to their health care provider, but otherwise it's likely that the disease will not affect them or it will self resolve, Cuomo says.

  • We'll have more on that from the state Capitol in the coming days.

  • I'm Dan Clarke for New York now.

So if you've been to the grocery store, the pharmacy in the past couple of days, you might have noticed a few things missing from the shelves.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

COVID-19アウトブレイクの中で、ニューヨーク州は独自の手の消毒剤を作ることを開始します|ニューヨークNOW (Amid COVID-19 Outbreak, New York State Starts Making Its Own Hand Sanitizer | New York NOW)

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