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  • Oh, that's gonna start up.

  • Run along with Pearson and Loui Eriksson, who is being elevated in the lineup for the first time this season that check it tightly by Patterson, Dry settled in like it's a little edgy to start this game.

  • Absolutely grab in sooth.

  • Obviously, they've looked at and watch this.

  • This comes off the stick.

  • Quick rate, their tip of the bar middle out, definitely in the net.

  • No question about that.

  • What a shot by ground back.

  • He gets his pocket the top of the circle and then just sips it on.

  • The short side.

  • Goes off the bar, off the middle and out so fast.

  • It looked like it was crossbar and down.

  • But right here is you watch this pock look behind the red bang.

  • There it is, off the middle of the net.

  • Inside.

  • That's a goal for Vancouver and a one nothing.

  • Lead.

  • Turn it over and here's to 11 Shorthanded Pearson End holds across stars short handed goal full of Vancouver guns, and it's too.

  • Nothing goes right through the blue paint with a two on one the other way and wanna pass by Pearson DeLay DeLay goes the backhand puts it right on a platter for Miller, for tapping is he gets himself rate to the net.

  • Bank.

  • Just a great job.

  • Big factor tonight in evident in his first period.

  • Gaming under the corner.

  • Find CASS Ian in front incomes.

  • Bear in front of David.

  • It's too nice movement around.

  • Make sure this stays alive.

  • Gone through the middle.

  • Makes a nice pass.

  • This is a Scrabble player.

  • This pockets back in the middle, but it's the quick hands and gave it once again trying to find Cassie and Cash in.

  • Throws it back.

  • Great David.

  • Stick in a hurry.

  • Markstrom was near side point.

  • This stature, a stature.

  • Miller he's projecting.

  • Now here come the oars with numbers come Cassius steps in, casting way back, CASS in off the post and in tie game.

  • He wants us puck initially, but what a nice play by casting allows David to drive race through.

  • Cassie is able to walk right into the top of the circle, just a great shot pick.

  • That corner uses the screen to his advantage.

  • The fly by bang.

  • No chance remarks him on that one.

  • He had four bodies that were flying by him in that situation for CASS Ian.

  • Just the confidence, the way I cannot have got lead back, a little bit hurt as they jammed away.

  • There's the entry by Pierce, and Corvette follows it up with the backhand there that it's Pearson with one backhand third overall as a member of the next.

  • He's really a festival of Dr Save by Smith.

  • Slashing the chicken is a little bit, but he stays out there waiting with first points of the season.

  • Thank you for a two goal lead.

  • He's been fighting it, trying to find that offensive touch once again.

  • This line's been good for the conduct, right out of the tape of Erickson so piercing down the horror that doesn't even have to look just those that Erickson is in that spot.

  • David can't control a backup band led by Lieutenant.

  • He'll dump it in and get there first.

  • Front wraparound by Josh Leave alone.

  • It is five to Vancouver.

  • Chip into the zone, aggressive.

  • Four.

  • Check.

  • It gets in there with battle, throws it right out there.

  • That one has a great saves.

  • It goes off the stick tight and then excellent job by LeBeau.

  • Just find this pockets for that with the first opportunity goes right to leave.

  • He wraps it around.

  • A Smith has to stand his ground there.

  • The shot was best, but he's already extended the right start to leave here with two points with a five to win over.

Oh, that's gonna start up.


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