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  • 11 14.

  • He has 24 Thompson way.

  • He has been doing everything tonight from all areas of the floor.

  • How does he even get to the basket on that angle?

  • And Lou Williams?

  • I'm trying to tell you one of the best at luring you into reaching as soon as you reach way foul Cady again.

  • How does he find this angle?

  • I don't know.

  • Move out the way.

  • Get Don't go on Lou Williams so smooth on the other end.

  • This is why the ball needs to be in his hands.

  • Try to get it in green.

  • Clippers Paternal Williams, William Beverly.

  • 35 seconds to go.

  • Gotta put it down by Beverly.

  • 35 seconds to go.

  • Gotta put it down.

  • Rebounds.

  • That is incredible.

  • The leading rebounder for both teams tonight In a way on Friday night, while the Houston Rockets could rest after their victory over the welcome back to go to state the 1st 2 games, Williams averaged 30 points the last two games.

  • 14.

  • Well, now he's coming back.

  • Imagine this.

  • The bench of the war is being outscored 59 27 plus 42.

  • He knows that lies over there, hugging his boy, Sam.

  • We almost got it.

  • Too much time.

  • A lot of time left over.

  • Wars could get right back in this, but not a clue.

11 14.


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決勝戦に向けては、「今のうちに」という思いを込めて、「今のうちに」という思いを込めて、「今のうちに」という思いを込めています。 (Clippers Force Game 6 Vs. Warriors | Last 4 Minutes Of 4th Became All About Lou Will)

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