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  • alert.

  • Finding skills are Hello, guys, that this is the game and revolution he and welcome back to an old new call of duty, Modern warfare Video said.

  • Today I have a short little battery.

  • AL Video showcases you guys some game playoff.

  • Modern warfare's Barry Al Modes training ground.

  • So this has been provided to me from evil pie 11 12 over on Twitter.

  • He has kindly sent me this and let me post there, Helen the channels a huge thank you to him.

  • The training ground is called the arm assist trading facility, and you will get X p.

  • I believe for completing.

  • Get on, Dad.

  • This footage that you can see on screen is from Pizza Slice eight over on a Red.

  • It's all thanks to him for that.

  • So as you guys know, with Season two, there was a brand new classified section added to the menu and within the season to cinematic cool Seen, it did actually teased about reality.

  • We saw this big large map, and we saw green gas rolling in in the distance, which is obviously the outer circle.

  • The danger zone.

  • Obviously, if you played any bar rail before you'll be familiar with this.

  • And as we're saying, people's games have been watching out to access the training grounds for this battery al mode.

  • So the training ground is just to give you guys a preview off the mode so that new players are not confused.

  • The images on screen right now are from a red where wolf over on reddit and there are new Drop kids, which are essentially just like a crater class where you can choose your perks.

  • Weapons, equipment, hill streaks, field upgrades, et cetera, et cetera.

  • But you will not spawn in with these, by the way, so don't worry about that.

  • You'll be able to get your load out if you purchase a drop kit marker with plunder, which is the currency system.

  • Within this mode, it's essentially just cash that you find from looting around the map or by killing enemies or by completing contracts, et cetera, et cetera.

  • You can see the equipment for the mod on screen, so we have the AMA plate bundle.

  • Show VC just gives you armor.

  • You have a gas mask, which allows you to survive within the storm.

  • The green gas for longer the danger zone we have a precision airstrike kill.

  • Streak a shield to it.

  • A closer strike a U A.

  • V, which obviously show enemies on the mini map.

  • We have a munitions box to give a bow, and finally, the drop kits marker.

  • No way I'm going to be posting a video coming out soon have actually already recorded it.

  • So we coming out later today regarding all the information you need to know surrounding modern warfare's battery al mode.

  • Well, this movie is going to be free to play.

  • If you already own modern warfare, your boot up from the menu.

  • If you don't, you'll be able to download as a separate download and absolutely cannot wait for it to release.

  • It should be coming out very, very soon since people's games ago it's got to access this training ground early.

  • Anyways, I'm just going to leave you guys with the Royal game play.

  • You get to see stuff like supply crates, plunder and moss of sit back, relax and enjoy the footage.

  • Take the items from the Lukash.

  • Otherwise I have to clean this mess up myself.

  • Next objective located.

  • Tyce, you look, finding skills are remarkable.

  • Okay, proceed to the next area normally found inside building.

  • So plunder.

  • See what you can find.

  • Locate more plunder.

  • Could be used to supply stations by kill streaks.

  • And now the special items get to the supply station.

  • Good work.

  • Poachers.

  • A dropkick marker.

  • Nicely thought calling.

  • Staying clear of this.

  • Drop kits allow you to select a full load out.

  • A drop kit is the best way to get three person ward.

  • Well done, Knight.

  • Yeah.

  • Try some more equipment or move to the next area when you're ready.



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