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  • It's darkest before the dawn of comets Booth, my blackness, the bullshit magnet.

  • The one day the shorties on I Wonder Where we went wrong.

  • Not really.

  • Young pup.

  • Strong try tactics like counting backwards, but notice they got along.

  • My guys think looked like people model stomach.

  • Somebody's got to try but never reached the public I used to dream about, but I think it's bad.

  • But it's hard enough that a such foreign every see myself as the main Get out Everyone's dream.

  • So influenced by trying, we're taking the frame like show so reminiscent Nova bottled water breaking down doors that they would never let.

  • No way you can fill my life's a commercial.

  • I'm only channel and demons.

  • I'm needing bills for my belt.

  • But those obviously picking ain't that blunter bullshit.

  • I just rather not see him steady.

  • You wanted on my fifth, but won't admit that I'm drinking and I'm keeping the deep in.

  • But now I'm going while dreaming.

  • So when you call, I won't know until you.

  • Wesley Reed.

  • People change like the seasons, but I'm most addict than TVs and more emphatic and be free but really bonding like see, they try the first.

  • My bubble.

  • I guess I'm not that pop enough Hurt.

  • My ship was proper.

  • Isolate me from the populace.

  • Never rocked the leopard.

  • Been myself in.

  • Not excited us in Adam.

  • Gang bangers out like Swedish really state.

  • But I need my tucking them.

  • Okay, but I'm established.

  • Gonna record or insure these breakdowns Headquarters.

  • I'm Brian Eclipse Or check you cross me Better mess up in 16 full board.

  • Wait!

  • You think that way.

  • Full schedule.

  • Worker chip with double bordering on a budget bills come Call it fast money before Watson should fight Struggle *** on my hustle for my mozzarella Sweet 16 sun records So we can't see yet.

  • Mike, check living Check to check like that Ever Mr Left Teaching *** lesson Self instruments never been defeated.

  • They came beating Bella.

  • Who better?

  • You better do better.

  • I'm playing for keeps chasing my dreams and I'm praying for sleep I'm looking for what?

  • But they praying for peace Probably with less seven days on my street Kashia Because this week, from with the beast but in my teeth looking for Because it's not a come to win the mochas I'm making the least one for the team and the rest of the league.

  • This is what it is.

  • You know what I mean?

  • My young and the G hasn't when the thing is that right for the cheese, That's just years, just you and I know what it means.

  • I feel like it's future, depending on me.

  • If I don't make away, he'll be dead by night scene.

  • Sometimes I think I over think good.

  • We'd put my mind at ease set myself free.

It's darkest before the dawn of comets Booth, my blackness, the bullshit magnet.


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