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  • so Love Islands over.

  • He addresses this whole situation with Amber that will keep pairing them together and not to talk about the break up with India.

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  • So over.

  • He was interviewed at the Pride's Four Wards, and he was obviously asked about Amber, Lebanon and starry.

  • Soco has dashed fans hopes by ruling our romance between him and closed.

  • How am but only confirmed that he and costar Abigail, 100% not dating the pair, have had a close bond.

  • Instead, the rumor part that they don't think they started I think article was needed was dead, it said.

  • This article needs relaxed, but they'd get together after they appeared at London's went one lead together.

  • Despite being coupled up on Love Island, they became very close mates.

  • So during the exclusive chat with Carolina that mirrors private sports awards in partnership with TSB.

  • Put the rumors to bed.

  • The hunky Bosco players said.

  • Amber's a friend.

  • It's gonna stay that way 100%.

  • This is what I've been professing day in, day out.

  • And now we obviously have over now, speaking about the situation is well, actually, you know, professing that this is not gonna be anything about friends, and I think everybody has really been accustomed to that.

  • Nobody really sees them is dating, but they just look good together when they're our friends out about together events or whatever.

  • They just looked like they'd be good together.

  • Everything now knows, because I don't think he has kept addressing as if we're friends.

  • We're friends.

  • Leave it, leave it, leave it nothing.

  • Let the public audience have just been accustomed to that.

  • They know they're friends, but they just get excited when they see that together because they do look good together over.

  • He actually does also address the break up with India.

  • He also addressed the split for Max India Reynolds, who he has penned up with in Developed I'm okay, he revealed.

  • Breakups are never easy.

  • They're never easy for anyone.

  • However many billions of us there are in the world.

  • However many billions of us, they're away.

  • However, however many billions off us there are in the world.

  • All of us go through a breakup.

  • I've always wished her the best, some causing a very simple as why, like why would he addresses controversial topics like this about a breakup of what could happen?

  • Ex wife, that he keeps it very plateau keeps a very drama free keeps a very you know I wish is passing the best.

  • Everybody goes through a breakup.

  • It is what it is.

  • I keeps it moving.

  • He does not ponder on like, Oh, you know or shade anybody in another kind of like an unnecessary way where the tabloids articles like this community pickup run with it.

  • He keeps it clean and pristine, and I appreciate that because drama free is the way to go, and I definitely feel like gives a very mature standoff.

  • So, you know, he was very was confirming the friendship with Amber is only going to be a friendship, which was obviously why would expect it.

  • But I believe this is the first time he's actually speaking out about this in terms of what I was going between them.

  • But it's also first hired that he's properly, professionally speaking out about any situation.

  • So why give you guys a quick 23 minute video update on what?

  • That whole situation wasn't?

  • What you were saying, let me know.

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so Love Islands over.


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