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  • defenseman on quite a roll.

  • A five game point streak.

  • He's the eighth rookie defenseman in Penguin's history.

  • Point streak of five games or longer, and he's got the puck to begin that you're Temko short side withdraw.

  • Rate straight back and you can see the crowd that it goes through.

  • Other side market takes control many mountain and again.

  • Is that seen past?

  • I don't have the sticks down center for Miller.

  • Used falls up numbers.

  • Queen News Centre's Miller.

  • There's the Rue.

  • It'll at center rights.

  • Gambles loses What a play by little beautifully.

  • The Paterson takes his past back to Patterson.

  • Shoots his stores a little give and go on there from the goal line.

  • Julius Patterson and given Go.

  • So you should get a assist on this one.

  • Jake Britannia will get the other assist and pretending to be able to get the fucking McEwen.

  • Proof of Lieutenant gets the goal.

  • Kris Letang And then give and go speed.

  • Tyler fires back.

  • Left point queen Use wrist one towards the neck.

  • Stop by Murray Rebound.

  • Stop that as well.

  • Not doing the connection.

  • The opportunity, even strength goals against comes up from the back and shoot the Park Authority band instead of shooting and raped their didn't get rid of it.

  • Now, Patterson, you start out again.

  • Take a rest.

  • Stop, Bester.

  • They're taking away Who's back up to Patterson hears bastard shoots.

  • Ripped it wide.

  • Rebound Miller off a stick up in the air into the net.

  • Here's the play.

  • Nice play.

  • Throws it back.

  • Brock Fester and J T.

  • Miller pounces on it.

  • Pearson digging for the puck.

  • What is it broken up by God, he's come back.

  • He's got to boost in in 63 more here.

  • Josh Level is struggling to get to the bench.

  • There's three penguin and too control.

  • Marcus Pedersen.

  • Time left in a minute.

  • Powerfully coming up.

  • Jordy van has body position in that booth.

  • Air, as he let go with that produced the rebound with its words are still missing from the shoot's way.

  • Defending a lot of sticky Brokenness, Marino shoots her, say you can see the panic is everybody's standing back and nobody's chasing anybody.

  • Nobody has a man on man worked down rushed cycle game here for the penguins, canceled two.

  • Here comes Malka.

  • Did you bring it back out?

  • Even looking trash screams face looked like when the play was onside way.

  • Yeah, fired to soothe like they were running out of time anyway.

  • They'll drop the puck for more time, continue to roll.

  • In the absence of Sidney Crosby, they pick up another win and another huge game for that.

defenseman on quite a roll.


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NHLハイライト|カナックス対ペンギンズ 2019年11月27日 (NHL Highlights | Canucks vs. Penguins – Nov. 27, 2019)

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