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  • I was born in Colombia.

  • I came here in 2006.

  • My dad, he just fell into the American dream and we packed everything up.

  • Became the United States.

  • And today it just hurts me to hear what Trump and other people are saying about my people.

  • Latinos, Immigrants, As you know, What's your message to immigrants in Gwinnett County, Georgia, United States, and how will you help us?

  • All right, Theo values Immigration makes America stronger, not weaker on Let's be clear, there is no emergency down at the border political stunt to try to create more hatred and division in this country, and we're not buying it.

  • So let's be real blood about what we want.

  • We want protection for our dreamers, a pathway to citizenship way.

  • Want to protect people who are here on temporary protective status who are building a life in this country.

  • We want an immigration system that makes our country safe.

  • That makes our country strong, and that reflects our values.

  • That's what we want.

  • A 12 year old girl does not pose a threat to the United States of America, and she should not be locked up like a criminal mamas and babies who are fleeing violence in their home countries do not pose a threat to the United States of America on spending.

  • Our resource is toe.

  • Lock them up.

  • To tear families apart doesn't make us safer.

  • We need to spend.

  • Our resource is on criminals and terrorists, not on families that are trying to build something in this country.

  • John.

  • This is pretty straight forward.

  • Safety, security, You bet.

  • But let's focus on it in a real way.

  • And let's create an immigration system that is consistent with our values as people of the United States of Thank you, John.

  • Thank you.

I was born in Colombia.


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エリザベス・ウォーレン:私たちの国境で「緊急事態」はありません|2019年2月 (Elizabeth Warren: There is No “Emergency” Down at Our Border | February 2019)

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