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  • the question we're frequently asked.

  • Shop stuffed up Code of UK is have to change the but rate on the sharp Xia to ovary on X free free cash registers.

  • These machines have four tax rates on them on each department.

  • Could be assigned a specific tax rate will now show you how to change tax rate warm to be 20% Using the M A.

  • Ke turned round to the PGM position to read into the program mode Predator hash T and S T and then press number nine to choose tax programming, press the cross in a circle butter and then to choose tax rate number one.

  • Press number one followed by the cross in a circle.

  • But 20% tax rate has to be entered in a certain way to enter 20% is the top trait.

  • Type in 00 to 0 decibel 0.0 Then press the cross in a circle to confirm you could skip No, it's taxable amount by pressing TMS T and then pressing t l n s to confirm the program.

  • This is set tax rate warm at 20% to test this turkey, but around to the register position and put a £1 sail through apartment that has been pre programmed a tuck trade war.

  • That split has now changed to be 20%.

  • Once you've programmed your tax rate, you can now sign this tax rate to department.

  • I'll now show you how to set department to to the tax rate war, using the m A ke to around the PGM position and press department number two.

  • Then press the double zero and to get to the tapped programming press T m s t to skip that descript up press tear misty again to skip the price entry.

  • Christie mst again t skip department entry type when it comes.

  • Oppose touch wall press the double zero Burton to topple to Yes.

  • Then press TMS take full of T.

the question we're frequently asked.


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シャープ XE-A203 / XEA203 / XE-A303 / XEA303 のレジスターに税金や税金をプログラムする方法 (How to program tax or vat onto your cash register Sharp XE-A203 / XEA203 / XE-A303 / XEA303)

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