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  • Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

  • It's me, Martin Stanley superbly turned out today, boy, got one is all about the confidence Looking into your bets at the weekend, Something special for the weekend certain nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  • Say no more.

  • On about Friday down at Newbury Holster.

  • Nicky Henderson's called Master.

  • The whole runs in the 1st 1 30 exhorts points a point when the labs Ahmad plastered a mind to be very muddy at Newbury Daniela on Friday.

  • Don't miss Nicky Henderson's in the first master of the Hole that we spend over to Chepstow.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, then they're not that far for newbies.

  • Straight down the M four also be favorite in the Freeman of his chases.

  • Always called my Bashar of initial Williams ex Michael Styles.

  • But I'm taking this creature on.

  • I'm not too happy on him.

  • I'm taking mom of a rubber owner.

  • Olson was called Connick CEO double in a cake.

  • Aah!

  • Neck Very good.

  • Second last time out.

  • Much more of a chasing type than the old flatbread oarsmen.

  • Bashar been contacted out staying and do him connect Chepstow Free Mile Chase on Friday.

  • Where do we go?

  • Saturday, ladies and Gentlemen, Children Madan Casta, Great race in a Both cards Take one step forward.

  • The prince time See, I am of Philip Hobbs.

  • IBS got mark of 128 in his first.

  • Andy CAPP is right 145.

  • Other hurdles.

  • Last March, he was third in the Imperial Cup of Hurdles off a marker 1 to 6.

  • He's in a tough one to wait, he said.

  • The Friedel quite runs to get nice and ready for a nice Andy CAPP mark for a chasing campaign.

  • Excited by Philip Bob's Your master down at mine.

  • 86.

  • Him straight in a big, big, competitive race.

  • Nice pot there 128.

  • Make the most of a very, very good alley cat mark over fences for Prince time.

  • Then it showed him a course cracking carnage.

  • Sheldon, The Cleve Hurdle is a good race down there.

  • Very good race, ever free miles and also lark.

  • Is Cara back about in Kings?

  • Alan King's horses in Grateful Now.

  • Good to see him back in there.

  • Back in full swing, Cara back was next in second behind big bucks.

  • That newbie last time with the Diamond Harry back inferred dormitories come out and, frankly, form one another's trace that had it last week.

  • Cara, Back nap of them weekend.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, you just well, one bet.

  • Just the one bet this weekend.

  • Cara.

  • Back, Ladies and gentlemen, Cleaver Door on Sunday over an island is a cracking grade to race a Thai cottage chase over it punches down where my older made big subs writing always opposed being said every time he runs Carnaby Amazing gentlemen, it'll be sure getting make the market for the woody millions or golden silver This sort obliged over 11.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.


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