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  • over 70 countries are restricting entry from South Korea due to the rapid spread

  • of Kovac 19 in the country to deal with a situation the government is stepping

  • up efforts on the diplomatic front our own Ji Young has more as the number of

  • kovat 19 cases soars in South Korea about a third of United Nations member

  • countries are restricting the entry of people traveling from South Korea

  • according to data from the foreign ministry as of Saturday afternoon at

  • least 71 countries are putting in place stronger quarantine measures or outright

  • entry bans to restrict visitors from South Korea over coronavirus concerns

  • this is an increase of six countries from the previous day vietnamese

  • authorities have rejected the landing of a plane at an airport in Hanoi arriving

  • from South Korea on Saturday the Oceania Airlines flight the country's second

  • biggest carrier was enroute to Vietnam when it turned back to Incheon

  • International Airport around 40 minutes after departing for Hanoi on Saturday

  • morning according to Oceania it decided to turn

  • back the flight when Vietnamese authorities asked the airplane to land

  • at Van Daan International Airport which is about 140 kilometers away from novi

  • international airport in Hanoi where it originally planned to land at least 33

  • countries are banning or partially banning the entry of people arriving

  • from South Korea up to from the previous day the list includes Malaysia and

  • Lebanon which were among the latest that decided to implement the measures

  • Kyrgyzstan will tighten up their measures to enforce entry bans on Sunday

  • by barring people arriving from countries within an increasing number of

  • Kovan 19 patients Japan and Singapore are prohibiting travelers from other

  • countries who have visited tegu and tendu in the Kong song book to province

  • in the past 14 days Hong Kong and Mongolia are barring travelers arriving

  • from South Korea also at least 38 nations including Latvia and Bulgaria in

  • Europe have toughened entry procedures up from 34 on the previous day nine

  • provinces in China including Shandong Leone and Shang

  • hi our strengthening the entry measures imposed on incoming foreigners from

  • South Korea despite the rising number of countries imposing entry bends the South

  • Korean government said diplomatic efforts are underway to resolve the

  • issues we have strongly protested to some governments that took such measures

  • without prior notice our diplomatic missions are actively negotiating with

  • other countries so we don't see any more situations that may baffle our nationals

  • she added that although the number of confirmed cases are rising in the

  • country the international community and the World Health Organization assessment

  • is that they trust in South Korea's ability to deal with the outbreak at the

  • same time the foreign ministry has advised citizens to refrain from

  • traveling to those restricted countries Tom Jiyeon Arirang news

over 70 countries are restricting entry from South Korea due to the rapid spread


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韓国からの渡航者の入国を制限している国は少なくとも71カ国 (At least 71 countries restricting entry of people traveling from S. Korea)

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