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  • If you watch MinutePhysics, chances are you like science, or you like the internet. So

  • here's a list of some of the most consistently awesome and creative science storytellers,

  • explainers and teachers that I've encountered online - it's by no means exhaustive and there's

  • a lot more great science content out there, but this is what consistently catches my attention!

  • xkcd and the spinoff blog, "xkcd what if?" set a gold standard to which I continually

  • aspire. The comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal tears science down in a sometimes-innapropriate-for-children

  • but always hilariously nerdy way.

  • Empirical Zeal is an eminently understandable blog about physics - Which Sean Carroll also

  • writes about. He's sometimes technical, but also deep and insightful. Terry Tao has a

  • seriously technical - and I mean seriously - but also fascinating blog about pure mathematics.

  • Tumblr and facebook have their places, too, with It's Ok To Be Smart and I pilcrow hash

  • at asterisk-ing love science. And since long before tumblr, The NASA Astronomy

  • picture of the day has been a consistently awe-inspiring window onto the universe.

  • Radiolab is science radio at its best. You might even go so far as to say it's radio

  • at its best that just happens to be about science. If you want to get your hands dirty,

  • Hyper Physics is basically a condensed encyclopedia of high school or early college-level physics.

  • The Scale of Universe is a modern-day interactive version of the classic "powers of ten" film

  • and it shows you just how big and how small things in the universe really are. Finally,

  • Microsoft has finally gotten itself a point in my book for digitally hosting "The Character

  • of Physical Law", a wonderful series of lectures given by Richard Feynman in 1964.

  • Of course, what about youtube? Well, for physics there's Veritasium and Sixty Symbols; for

  • chemistry check out Periodic Videos or Crash Course; for zoology and the lives of dead

  • animals there's The Brain Scoop; for real and hands on science visit Smarter Every Day;

  • Vi Hart will wow you with beautiful mathematics and George Hart will build beautiful mathematics

  • and Numberphile will remind you that there are numbers in math, too. For generally random

  • cool facts try Vsauce or TED Ed. And in case you need a breather from it all, Fake Science

  • is a good reminder that sometimes science is a bit too important to be taken seriously.

  • I've included links to all these great creators in the video description, but beware - they

  • bring procrastination!

If you watch MinutePhysics, chances are you like science, or you like the internet. So


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