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  • Or is it the last one?

  • What would it take to bring you back?

  • Um, go, Uh, I think this is gonna be my last one.

  • I think I think I don't think I think I've done enough.

  • People are gonna get sick.

  • Sick of the sight of me on day seven, someone else should have a go.

  • There has been talk a woman, even, or an African American work person the right person for the job, you know?

  • I mean, I think that's kind of what it should be.

  • I mean, it's like it's I'm think that everybody should be considered, but it's, you know, I mean, it's also but for for women and for African American, there should be a great part anyway, across the board, it shouldn't have to be bombed. 00:00:59.610 --> 00:01:1.730 That takes, you know, it just doesn't need to be bond.

Or is it the last one?


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ダニエル・クレイグ、25作目の映画の後に「ボンド」のバトンを渡すことを語る(独占版 (Daniel Craig Talks Passing the 'Bond' Baton After 25th Movie (Exclusive))

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