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  • Oh hello. I didn't see you there

    おや、こんにちは 気づきませんでした

  • My name's Edgar Ashman and I'm what they call the third gardener here at Audley End House

    わたしは、エドガー・アシュマンです オードリィエンドハウス 三番目庭師と呼ばれてます

  • It's a very good position for someone of my age and I'm really proud to be working here

    わたしの年齢では 誰にとってもよい地位です ここで働けることは実に誇りです

  • But I've got a lot to learn, especially if I'm going to make it as head gardener

    が、たくさん学ぶことがあります 特にオードリィ邸で庭師頭を目指すのなら

  • The head gardener here at Audley End, Mr Vert, insists that I take notes throughout the day for future reference

    現庭師頭 ヴァート氏は今後の参考に 一日中 メモを取るように勧めます

  • My diary is also useful for keeping a note of the weather and assessing how different crops respond to the conditions

    日誌は 天候の変化がいかに 作物への状態に 影響するか査定するのに役立ちます

  • It also allows for me to compare other gardens I've worked at to Audley End


  • It also means that if Mr Vert asks me a question


  • I'll have an answer for him


  • Well I'd better get a move on


  • Mrs Crocombe the cook has asked for some Golden Noble apples for one of her recipes

    クロークン夫人に 黄金色高貴なりんごを レシピで料理するために 頼まれました

  • She's a wonderfully talented cook - everyone thinks so

    夫人の料理の腕前は 誰もが認めるところです

  • You should smell her cooking


  • It's making me hungry just thinking about it

    お腹がすいているので なおさらなのかもしれません

  • Apples are the staple of any kitchen garden nowadays

    近頃 りんごは どの台所の庭でも 主要産物です

  • and here at Audley End we grow over 150 types of apple

    ここオードリィエンド邸では  150種類の林檎を育てます

  • and across the country 2000 types are grown

    英国中では 2000種類あります

  • Competition between gardeners is fierce

    庭師の品評会は 熱が入ります

  • Mr Vert is very particular about his apples

    ヴァート氏は りんごには思入れが強く

  • Like most things in the garden, he's always striving for perfection

    庭仕事の心得のように 完璧を目指します

  • and I don't want to let him down


  • Today we're going to harvest our Golden Noble apples which are perfect for cooking

    今日は ゴールデンノーブルアップルの収穫日です 料理にもってこいです

  • Golden Noble sounds like a very regal name doesn't it


  • They produce large fruits with a sharp fruity flavor and plenty of juice

    キリッとした芳香 たっぷりと蜜を含んだ 大ぶりな果実です

  • They've been grown in this country since around 1820

    1820年頃から 英国で育てられてきました

  • Oh look! Here comes Mr Vert now

    おぉ、見て! ヴァート氏がやって来ました

  • Good morning Edgar


  • How are the apples looking?


  • Very good, Sir


  • So your harvesting apples yourself today


  • First time in these gardens isn't it?


  • Yes, Sir


  • Right then Edgar


  • Can you tell me what is the very first thing you need to keep in mind before harvesting apples?

    りんごの収穫で 最初に気をつけることは何かな?

  • I need to assess whether the trees on the bushes


  • are ready for picking


  • Quite right and how do you do that?

    正解 どうやってするのかね?

  • We assess a small number of fruits for their ripeness


  • I've read up about these apples and they should be ready

    これらのりんごの食べ頃を 読んだことがあります

  • They're not an early like a Worcester Pearmain or a Beauty of Bath

    ウスター州のペアメイン種や バース州のビューティ種のように 早咲きではりません

  • But what happens in the books and what happens in the garden are two

    本でも起こること 庭でも起こることが違うように

  • very different things


  • There's a few windfalls here so that's a good sign

    風で自然に落ちたりんごが 良いしるしです

  • And what do we do with the windfalls?


  • Don't leave them for the wasps, Sir


  • If they're edible but slightly bruised then they go in for the bothy dinner

    食べ頃なら キズがあり山小屋の食卓に上がります

  • If they're too far gone then we give them to the pigs

    あまりにもキズだらけなら 豚たちの餌になります

  • Very good. Now back to the apples on the tree


  • I'm going to twist it gently with an upwards motion to see if

    上の方へ向けて やさしくねじり たやすく枝から外れます

  • it comes off easy if there's any resistance then I know it's not ready

    もし抵抗がある場合は 摘み取る時ではないです

  • and we don't want any blemishes either


  • Not unless we know they're going for the servants' pies


  • Good lad. Remember to pick them at the right time too so we get the

    良い働きぶりだね 摘み取るときに適した頃か見るように

  • best flavour and the longest storage life check and check again for the ones we're

    食べ頃の香りと 長い保管に備えて

  • storing even the slightest bruise can make it rot

    目視でみたキズが ねずみの仕業ではないか 確認するのも覚えてほしい

  • And don't forget to take a basket of apples to Mrs Crocombe today

    クロークン夫人へ渡すときの りんご入れバスケットも忘れないように

  • Yes, Sir


  • I hear she's making gateau de pomme


  • Gateau de pomme?


  • Sounds fancy!


  • I think it's like an apple marmalade or a fruit cheese


  • I'm just going to take a look at these apples and see what we've got


  • These are suitably ready


  • I'll leave it to it now then, Edgar, and go and check on the glass houses

    任せたよ、エドガー 温室に持って行き 調べてみよう

  • Yes, Sir


  • Don't take too long


  • you know Mrs Crocombe doesn't like to be kept waiting

    クロークン婦人は 待てないからね

  • I need to make sure I do a really good job at this because as you heard this is

    本当によい仕事に 評価はつきものです

  • the first time I've harvested the apples here by myself

    お聞きしたように 今回初めてのりんごの収穫でした

  • and Mr Vert will be keeping a close eye on me to make sure I do a good job

    ちゃんとやってるか ヴァート氏は僕から 目を離しませんでした

  • All I need to harvest the apples are my hands and a trug

    りんごの収穫で 必要なものは 両手と木製かごです

  • The apple should come away from the plant


  • from the spur like this one here


  • it should come away nice and easy


  • with the stalk still intact


  • Another good indicator that the apple is ready for harvest

    茎(くき)がついてるかは 良いりんごの収穫の 目安でもあるのです

  • is when it takes on a brighter colour


  • and when the pips turn from white to brown

    りんごの中の種は 白からブラウンへ変わってます

  • You have to handle them gently because bruised fruit won't keep

    やさしく扱わないとなりません キズあり果実は 長持ちしないのです

  • and Mrs Crocombe and Mr Vert won't be very happy with me

    クロークン婦人とヴァート氏は 腕まくりの荒仕事の僕を

  • they'll have my guts for garters!


  • Now I don't want to harvest all of these apples at once I have to


  • make sure that they're all ready

    全部 収穫か見なくてはなりません

  • For example, some apples will become riper

    たとえば、他のりんごよりっも早く 熟しているのもあります

  • quicker than others, especially if the sun is shining on them


  • Now I have to keep a close eye on all of the apples to make sure that we don't have brown rot

    りんごをよく見て 菌性の病気のような 茶色に腐った部分がないかも見るのです

  • which is a fungal disease. But everything seems to look good so I'm going to carry

    ですが、すべては良いかんじです 調達します

  • on because I'm sure Mrs Crocombe is anxious to get her apples

    クロークン婦人は りんごの具合が 気を揉んでいると思うのです

  • It's a constant battle between the gardeners and the cooks


  • It was like my last house where the head gardener wanted all of the fruits and vegetables to be huge so

    前に働いていた邸宅のようです 庭師頭が すべての果実と野菜をわんさかと育て

  • they could win prizes at the fair and the cook she wanted everything to be

    品評会で賞を取り  料理人は そのすべてを材料に

  • delicate on the table and full of flavor


  • It was like a war over the kitchen garden wall!


  • Edgar!


  • Have you finished yet? Mrs Crocombe needs the apples

    終わったか? クロークン婦人がりんごの入用だとのこと

  • I've got a few trucks, Sir


  • Good lad. The others can go into storage and should keep through the autumn

    ご苦労さま 他のりんごは倉庫行き 秋を通して 保管する

  • You'll need to clean up out here too but first

    ここを片つけないと だが、まずは

  • go to the kitchens and give Mrs Crocombe the apples

    台所へ行き クロークン婦人へりんごを届けよう

  • And act sharpish, she's not best pleased

    急いでおくれ ご機嫌よろしくないようだ

  • Yes, Sir


  • There you are!


  • I was beginning to think I was going to have to grow the apples myself!

    私達がりんごを育てなければならないのかしら  と思っていたところよ

  • Sorry


  • Mrs Crocombe, they're here

    クロークン婦人 届きました

  • Ah! Finally!


  • Let me have a look


  • I picked them myself, Mrs Crocombe

    自分で摘みました クロークン婦人

  • There won't be a bruise on them


  • Gardens finest


  • Hmmm good they'll be perfect for my gateau de pomme

    うむ、そうね ガトゥ・デ・ポメにぴったりの選別ね

  • I hope there's plenty more in storage I plan to make a dish that requires whole

    りんごを丸ごと必要とする料理に 充分なくらい保管し

  • apples and for that one we need all the apples to be the same size


  • Of course, Mrs Crocombe

    もちろんです クロークン婦人

  • I must be leaving, Mr Vert's expecting me

    行かなければいけません ヴァート氏は続きの仕事をするように指示してます

  • I must get on


  • Good day to you


  • Good day Mrs Crocombe

    おつかれさまです クロークン婦人

  • As Mrs Crocome and Mr Vert asked, I put a selection of apples into storage to

    クロークン婦人とヴァート氏が頼んだように 保管用のりんごを選別し

  • preserve them and keep them cool

    倉庫へ入れ 涼しい場所に置きます

  • and now I'm cleaning up

    さてと 掃除します

  • When we do store the apples, we use a larder or we use one of our garden sheds

    りんごの保管する時は 室内の貯蔵室 または 庭園の小屋を使用します

  • So long as it's cool, dark, humid and ventilated we should be fine

    涼しく 暗く 湿気があり  換気のよい状態での貯蔵です

  • Anyway it looks like it's starting to rain


  • so I'm going to make a quick note of all of the things that we've

    さてと、庭で今日した仕事のあれこれを 日誌に書き留めておきます

  • done today in the garden and then I'm going to call it a day


  • Now, if there's a specific gardening method you'd like me to show you

    さて、庭園の伝授をしてほしいと 皆様のご希望がありましたら

  • why not write me a note below and perhaps Mr Vert will let me teach you next time now

    下記のリンクに連絡ください たぶん、次回はバート氏からわたしの担当になります

  • I'm sure I'm going to see you again soon, but in the meantime I think you'll agree

    またお目にかかると思います しばしの間、皆様が思っている以上に

  • there's more to apple harvesting than you may have thought

    りんごの収穫に精を出すことも 了承してくださると思います

Oh hello. I didn't see you there

おや、こんにちは 気づきませんでした


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リンゴを収穫する方法 - ビクトリア朝の方法 (How to Harvest Apples - The Victorian Way)

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