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  • charted.

  • Take the face off against Patrice Bergeron.

  • Frank Vetrano on Brian Boyle.

  • His wings.

  • The game is on Florida, a rising power with great expectations in the Eastern Conference.

  • I got down off his right underneath Donald Stick, Bergeron says.

  • Pasta knock ahead with Marchiani scars.

  • David Foster has 60.

  • Nice little back and feet up the Ice by Bergeron Awhile.

  • Pasta.

  • Doctor Skated and keep improving your angle.

  • Charlie Coyle takes that tries to spoon it forward.

  • Get much on it, gets in the way of Essex past.

  • Nordstrom closes scars.

  • It's gonna go down and some incidental contact on a stick.

  • Kind of locked up with Charlie Coyle.

  • And that allows noise from the time in the space you have a power play.

  • Now it's late.

  • The second period.

  • A stranglehold on this game with a power play goal.

  • Right now.

  • Marshawn Krejci.

  • Cross eyes.

  • York's shot scores.

  • Charlie Call the doorstep, making sure I'm not sure who's gonna get credit for this, but it'll be somebody wearing black and gold in its 30 and that struggle.

  • Great.

  • She doesn't stay along the wall.

  • Jackie starts to attack by attacking box formation.

  • You force the defendant in Florida.

  • Can't get it to the red line kind into Krejci to Ciara.

  • Ciara across the little breaks.

  • You walk by Brodsky and Charlie comes in the back door and makes it for zero great play all the way around again.

  • The brew is doing the job of the neutral zone.

  • They force the turnover.

  • Hoffman's forced to play a little deep because Brown's up fights kind is able to beat him to the inside, and Ciara activates.

  • Everybody get involved.

  • We talked about the secondary scoring and when it started a trend in the right direction several games ago.

  • Markov, Thio, Yandle, Nordstrom.

  • Still without a stick.

  • Glad scores on a Rocket one timer off the inside of the far post.

  • Osten Nordstrom has no stick, and he's out of the top.

  • I mean, he's fine in this situation.

  • Wagon wants to change places with him.

  • I think the one time couldn't get that face off, but he had strong helping from Huberdeau Kicks to the stick.

  • Find space was shot scores.

  • Frank for Toronto Hammers home a one timer and it's a four to game and saw this a few times, and Frank Veteranos career with Bruins that great shot is in the quick release work by Huberdeau.

  • It looked like the Bruins were gonna deny that plant geometry changes.

  • Hoffman closes, shoves the backhand through Raskin.

  • It's 43 rows of trying to keep it to the perimeter, which they do well enough to stay in the shooting links.

  • Stay in the shooting lane.

  • Masses of Escape.

  • This is just a back ache to take to Denny Mulligan.

  • Uber no toe bark off inside, losing fun scores.

  • Just a nice play by the Panthers and in enough checking by Boston to money fly byes.

  • When that metronome toe Matheson the shot saved by Rask save Iris denying Hoffman sprays into the quarter, it'll kowtow.

  • A shootout scores with game winding down.

  • Good finisher.

  • He's got a great shot drag snap over the past.

  • Charlie McAvoy must score post and out, and Florida has a team builder down four goals coming into the final period.

  • The Panthers rally, tie it and win in a shootout.

  • McAvoy on the attack.

  • He knows he's got a score.



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