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  • Hi.

  • I knew Harry and I like Google to bring your child to work day.

  • Sure.

  • What's your favorite?

  • What's your favorite?

  • A backflip that you're back.

  • I want to do it again too.

  • Are you excited to be here?

  • Yes.

  • What is?

  • You can ask me, Dad.

  • That a place at Oh, where you can have a lot of fun.

  • And it it's fun.

  • And we have more of the activities, right?

  • I just want to show you.

  • Wait.

  • Come on.

  • It's way to the animal shelter.

  • I think what you like e His name is Spike.

  • He's very sweet.

  • What's your favorite part so far?

  • Um, my heart.

  • It was like talking.

  • I'm Carrie.

  • Thanks for joining us today.

  • Bye bye.

  • Here.



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子どもを会社に連れて行く日@Google 2019 (Take Your Child to Work Day at Google 2019)

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