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  • Intermediate English Listening

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  • Hello, this is Aiste from Lithuania for

  • Now I will talk about the city

  • and the country and what is better.

  • Well personally for me I think the balance is the best of all of it.

  • If I could choose,

  • I would really like to live in the city

  • but the city that's really not too much a city.

  • The city that has green,

  • the city that you can go out for a walk in the park

  • the city where you can keep a dog,

  • the city where you can have a space

  • the house that is spaceful

  • and the city that you feel really good.

  • I really don't like the city with a lot of concrete

  • and the city where only cars are going.

  • I wouldn't like to live in a very tall high building

  • and being in some thirteen or fourteen or twenty something floor.

  • So my best choice would be that I would have a house

  • that's like half an hour away from the city in a very nice and nature environment

  • but I could work and I could feel the city speed and atmosphere of the city

  • if I would just go by my car thirty minutes outside from the countryside.

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Intermediate English Listening


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