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  • Charlie Charlie

  • Claire Hamilton, we have your boy

  • MOM!!!

  • Get him to the camp we're going on to the lodge

  • You bring the money where's my son, you know boys alive for now do it do it now?

  • Go Go Go Go!!!

  • If you were gonna kill her that was the plan

  • Where is my son if she pays the ransom he'd be here by now

  • You took him from me. Now. You're gonna help me get him back

  • You're military

  • You ever get used to taking them in life. I knew what I signed up

  • Claire Hamilton!!! And you come here to kill us all

  • I can't remember time when I was driven my rate


Charlie Charlie


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DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF 公式予告編(2019) ジーナ・カラノ アクションムービーHD (DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF Official Trailer (2019) Gina Carano Action Movie HD)

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