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  • Hello! My name is Jack McDermott.

  • i am a graduate of Harvard University, and a managing editor, here at Top Admit Consulting.

  • Last year nearly three-quarters of a million students from arond the globe applied to colleges and universitles here in the United Stated.

  • The admissions process is becoming even more competitive.

  • Right now, admissions officers are being inundated with well-qualified applicants.

  • Students that have impressive G.P.A.'s, very good class rankings, and outstanding test scores.

  • But ultimately, the most important part of the applications process is the admissions essay.

  • This is the story of you.

  • It needs to be more than just a collection of grammatically correct sentences.

  • That's important, of course, but it won't gain you admission to the college of your choice.

  • You need to create a dynamic, inspiring narrative about who you are as a person. Your background.

  • What makes you unique, what you have accomplished and what you intend to accomplish.

  • Ultimately, the admissions essay is your argument.

  • Your argument to the committee as to why they should admit you instead of the thousands of other well qualified applicants.

  • Top Admit Consulting can help you with that.

  • We employ professional editors who themselves have been through the process.

  • Editors who themselves have graduated from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford.

  • We know the admissions process, and that the admissions committees wants to see, and that they do not want to see.

  • We can help transform your writing into an interesting narrative that helps you stand out from the thousands of other applicants.

  • I would encourage you to contact us at out website


  • You can learn about the services that we provide.

  • not just help with admissions essays, but also help with scholarship applications, recommendations or resumes.

  • Ultimately, I encourage you to contact one of our professionals

  • so we can tell you how we can improve your chances of gaining admission to the college of your choice.

Hello! My name is Jack McDermott.


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