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  • (After kissing me now aegyo)

  • As a gift for the fans..

  • Seventeen is Seventeen because of Carats, isn't it?

  • That's why we have prepared this

  • (It's oppa-ya, isn't is?)

  • Are we right?

  • Woozi's thought: Oh lord

  • Doni: It's Lovelyz!

  • (You want to do it too? This person follows too)

  • (Frozen Woozi)

  • (Ding)

  • It will be a burden for Woozi to do it right away. So Seventeen aegyo king, Jeonghan should do it first

  • J: Me?

  • (As expected from the aegyo king. He didn't refuse.)

  • You're good at it

  • Coni: Jeonghan will be doing it but Vernon, beside of me, said ok, I'll be the next one

  • Vernon's thoughts: Me? Me?

  • Seventeen's aegyo trilogy: Teaser- Jeonghan -> Preview - Vernon -> The movie- Woozi

  • C: You said you wanted to do it

  • D: It's Jeonghan first

  • ("The real oppas doing the oppa-ya video" Start)

  • (Oppa-ya Teaser ver. Yoon elf--- Jeonghan)

  • (Ka-Koo)

  • (What am I doing now? Suddenly back to reality.)

  • C:Jeonghan's aegyo is... D: Not bad. C:Not bad.

  • (A not bad aegyo according to doniconi's standard)

  • (Immediately finds another target)

  • Vernon: Ok, I get it. Where should I look?

  • (Oppa-ya preview ver. Hansol mode -- Vernon)

  • (Hi, I'm Hasol)

  • Hyung's eyes are spilling honey (which means they look at him lovingly)

  • (Cuter than expected)

  • (This is my future...)

  • (The face of a handsome guy will do no wrong)

  • Doni: Vernon is good.

  • (Now is the real real) (Real...Jinja... Is this a Ong refrence??)

  • Now is woozi's turn!

  • (Our Jihoonie's aegyo time)

  • (Hyung, him nae.) (similar to fighting)

  • D: Who made the Seventeen today?

  • Carat.

  • (This is a carrot only aegyo)

  • D: What do fans want?

  • Jeonghan: Woozi's aegyo

  • D: I only speak to here

  • (Feels relief after doing aegyo)

  • D: An aegyo just for the fans

  • (Licking his lips)

  • Coni: You have to do your best.

  • C:music cue.

  • (Oppa-ya aegyo trilogy- The movie ver. malung malung---- Woozi) (Malung malung means soft, like a mochi)

  • (As long as it is not me, tourist mode on, focused on Woozi)

  • (Our Jihoonie is here)

  • (Aegyo skills coming out as time goes by)

  • (Who is this hyung?)

  • (The main aegyo person in Seventeen is here)

  • (Woozi is crying again(?))

  • ( Cringey x Moved)

  • (Carat memorial day --- 2017.06.21 The birth of Aegyo Master Jihoon)

  • C: This. This. D: Now we know why they say woozi. (as a way to say woozi is good at aegyo)

  • (Although embarrassed, woozi still feels good when they compliments him)

(After kissing me now aegyo)


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