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  • Do you ever feel like sometimes nothing seems to be going right, and then your one friend who is super into astrology explains that mercury is in retrograde?


  • The first thing we need to clear up, is that mercury is not in retrograde, mercury is just retrograde.


  • This is the astronomical phenomenon when a planet appears to be moving backwards reversing its orbit from our point of view here on Earth.


  • It's actually an optical illusion.


  • You see, planets orbit the sun at different speeds, and retrograde occurs generally as a faster moving planet catches up with and then passes a slower moving planet.


  • Other planets retrograde too but because mercury is the fastest planet in the solar system, it retrogrades more frequently, about three to four times a year, and lasts for about two to three weeks.

    他の惑星も逆行します。しかし、水星は太陽系の中で一番速く動く惑星なので、逆行しているように見えることが他の惑星より多いのです。大体 1 年に 3 〜 4 回逆行し、その状態が 2 〜 3 週間続きます。

  • Ancient Romans and Greeks personified the planet mercury as the messenger deity.


  • Similarly in astrology, mercury rules over communication.


  • It also governs analytical thinking, expression of ideas, and the processing of information.


  • So, in astrology when mercury retrogrades, all those things get kind of scrambled.


  • Hence why some people feel utter and total chaos during this period.


  • Different mercury retrogrades can have different effects on us depending on which sign it's moving through, and they can take on more of the qualities of that sign.


  • For instance, the sign Cancer is associated with home and family as well as emotional intensity.


  • A mercury retrograding through Cancer could have us focus on aspects of our family and home life, and get deeper in touch with our emotional state.


  • In 2018, all Mercury retrogrades will pass through fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

    2018 年には、水星の逆行は火の星座である牡羊座、獅子座、射手座で起こります。

  • Therefore, we may be more willing than normal to engage in conflict over things we're passionate about, because that's what fire signs do.


  • While there is generally a negative connotation surrounding retrograde periods, there are also ways to interpret mercury retrograde that are more positive.


  • Since things will feel a little crazy during retrograde, it can be a good opportunity to do some internal reflecting rather than making impulsive decisions.


  • This can give you a chance to reassess your desires and purpose.


  • So, now you know everything you need to know about Mercury retrograde.


  • Have fun using it as an excuse for all of your problems.


  • Damn you Mercury, damn you!


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Do you ever feel like sometimes nothing seems to be going right, and then your one friend who is super into astrology explains that mercury is in retrograde?


審査済み この字幕は審査済みです

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