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  • Hi, I'm Ryan Stevenson, head chef for the Callebaut Chocolate Academy here in Belgium.


  • I've got exciting news for you.


  • Here, this is a brand-new chocolate Callebaut Ruby RB1.


  • After dark, milk, and white chocolate, ruby is the fourth chocolate with a remarkable color and taste.

    ダーク、ミルク、ホワイトチョコレートに続き、ルビーは特徴的な色と味を持った 4 番目のチョコレートです。

  • We owe its color and taste to the discovery of the ruby cocoa bean - this is a true gift from nature.


  • It's not linked to origin or terroir, the unique flavors come from precursors that, when process well, yield a unique fruity taste and color of this ruby chocolate.


  • Ruby RB1 is Callebaut's first ruby chocolate for artisans and chefs.

    ルビー RB1 は、職人やシェフたちのためのカルボーのはじめてのルビーチョコレートです。

  • Now the taste, it's really intense fruitiness with fresh sour notes, and I think it's got a color that's going to pop out in your counter and in every dish, and with its fluidity of three drops you can literally do a whole range of applications with this chocolate.

    味は、とても強いフルーティーさに新鮮な酸味が効いています。その色は、あなたのカウンターや食卓でとても目立つでしょう。とても滑らかなので、3 滴あれば、このチョコレートは文字通りあらゆる用途で使えます。

  • I recommend to use it as pure as possible.


  • So think tablets, enrobed, molded, and even panning products.


  • But there's even more: Ruby pairs extremely well with both classical and unexpected ingredients.


  • For instance, classical ingredients: Almonds, strawberries, raspberries...


  • But then even more: rosé champagne, beers, caviar, goat cheese... a whole range is possible.


  • Ruby RB1 is a chocolate that satisfies an unmet need.

    ルビー RB1 は、今までにないニーズを満たすことができるチョコレートなんです。

  • It appeals to a younger generation.


  • They're looking for a hedonistic experience.


  • So it's a great chocolate to create a whole new audience that can bring young consumers and foodies to your shop.


  • In short, Callebaut Ruby RB1 is like a spark igniting a whole new dose of creativity.

    つまり、カルボー・ルビー RB1 は、新しい創造性を刺激する火花のようなものなんですね。

  • Please check out www dot callebaut dot com for inspiration and videos on all its possibilities. をチェックしてみてください。インスピレーションを得たり、どんなことができるかについてのビデオを見るために。

  • Enjoy ruby RB1.

    ルビー RB1 を楽しんでくださいね。

Hi, I'm Ryan Stevenson, head chef for the Callebaut Chocolate Academy here in Belgium.


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