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  • Producer/Idols are always under a lot of pressure

  • Let's see their fortune for 2020

  • The original producer/Idol, 2000s Icon GD?

  • Or ZICO?

  • Or up and coming producer Idol PENTAGON HUI?

  • They are all amazing song writers

  • But No.1 on today's list is

  • Songs you've definitely noticed walking down the street

  • - Ooh SEVENTEEN - Catchy

  • You can't stop playing this song

  • Hit maker, SEVENTEEN's producer member

  • The 96/84 liners that should be careful in 2020

  • No.1 on our list is SEVENTEEN, Woozi

  • For the first time after their debut, they achieved a Grand Slam (3 wins in 1 week)

  • That song was amazing

  • Today's winner is SEVENTEEN!

  • MCD 3 wins in a row!

  • This is our first triple crown

  • They achieved their first triple crown on MCD

  • Their first Triple Crown!

  • And their recent album

  • Following BTS and EXO, they sold more than 700,000 copies on their first release

  • An impressive record!

  • The winner is


  • They had the best year ever

  • So why is Woozi No.1 on today's list?

  • Oh this isn't good

  • (Serious)

  • Why... what's wrong...

  • His energy is way too strong

  • He's meant to be a leader

  • I am the king!

  • Follow me!

  • Woozi was born with strong energy, the fortune of a king

  • But isn't that a good thing?

  • (Confused) - Isn't that good? - Why is it a bad thing?

  • From what I see, he has strong energy

  • But he's not in control of it

  • 2018 was a very lucky year for him, his value went up

  • He was able to shine

  • But since the end of 2019

  • People were jealous, envious of him

  • And in 2020, I believe it's gonna get even more serious

  • Woozi has been an Idol for 6 years

  • As the producer of SEVENTEEN, he has a lot on his hands

  • I can't even sleep in my own bed, I'm always in the recording room

  • (Sad...)

  • In 2020

  • His fortune doesn't look great

  • So he may go through some difficult situations (This is only his personal opinion)

  • He'll have a lot of competition, and he might lose (This is only his personal opinion)

  • So he has to be wise, and humble in times like this

  • That's probably what he did in 2018

  • So he needs to keep up that behavior

  • After this year passes, he'll have great fortune... so hang in there

  • Wow!

  • With his precious members

  • He'll be able to get through anything


  • With his king worthy fortune

  • We hope he leads SEVENTEEN in the right direction

  • The 96/84 liners that should be careful in 2020

  • No.1 on our list was SEVENTEEN Woozi

  • Yes, No.1 on today's list was SEVENTEEN Woozi

  • But when it comes to fortune, you should listen to the good parts, but don't worry too much about the bad parts

  • It's not set in stone, all you need to do is be careful

  • Just pay attention to the things that happen around you

  • He has a lot of members to take care of, that's why he needs to be careful

  • - But the other members are gonna help out as well - That's right

  • The thing about fortune telling is, you should never have too much faith in it

  • - That's right - I hope you keep that in mind

Producer/Idols are always under a lot of pressure


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