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  • Omoide Yokocho, is a tiny lane way

  • tucked away close to Shinjuku Station.

  • The alleyway is known by many names,

  • like Memory Lane, and Piss Alley,

  • and is famous as an eating and drinking alley.

  • The venues inside the tiny alleyway

  • are also known as Izakayas,

  • which are traditional drinking bars that serve small bites.

  • The concept is that you stay at an Izakaya for a while

  • as you keep on ordering drinks and food.

  • What makes Omoide Yokocho so special,

  • is that the venues are really small and narrow.

  • They only fit a few people at the bar.

  • Most venues in the alley, specialize in yakitori sticks,

  • where you can order many different varieties.

  • From pork belly with leek to chicken hearts.

  • The look and feel of the place is really something else,

  • with red lanterns, smoky atmosphere,

  • and lots of people packed into the tiny bars.

  • It's so unique, that it is said to have inspired

  • the look and feel of Blade Runner.

  • The best way to experience Memory Lane

  • is to walk around and find an Izakaya you like.

  • Just find a spot where you feel the vibe is good,

  • and sit down.

  • Order a drink and some yakitori sticks,

  • and try to strike up a conversation

  • with the person sitting next to you.

  • It's easy to make friends in Japan,

  • when you're having a drink or 10.

  • Once your filled up on chicken skin,

  • definitely make your way to Tokyo's Golden Gai.

  • The world famous tiny bar area close by.

  • It's a perfect way to end your Shinjuku night.

Omoide Yokocho, is a tiny lane way


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東京の小便小路にある焼き鳥がすごい!? (Amazing Yakitori in Tokyo's Piss Alley!)

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