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  • Dear World Leaders.

  • This is an emergency.

  • We're activists from across the world writing as one

  • to demand your immediate action.

  • Five years ago, 193 countries committed to the global goals,

  • a historic plan to end extreme poverty,

  • conquer inequality and fix the climate crisis.

  • Look at our world now.

  • Our climate is heating up.

  • Natural disasters are increasing. Millions flee their homes.

  • Children suffer without vital food and healthcare.

  • Activists are murdered for their views.

  • Girls and women are refused an education

  • and subjected to discrimination and violence.

  • But we still dare to hope that, in 2020, you will act decisively.

  • We are watching you.

  • We will fight every day for people, for planet.

  • There are millions of us, with one voice and one question...

  • How will you keep your promise?

Dear World Leaders.


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世界各国のリーダーへのメッセージ (Dear World Leaders. We Are Watching You)

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