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  • the new corona virus is spreading quickly keeping governments across the

  • world on edge more than 4,500 cases have been confirmed in China with at least

  • 106 deaths reported are conn-young who is on the line with the latest young do

  • Phyllis in right and also the new type of corona virus that first appealed in

  • ohan late last month continues to claim more victims China's National Health

  • Commission said on Tuesday the death toll in China has soared to 106 and some

  • 1700 new cases have been confirmed compared to the day before now among the

  • confirmed cases about 1,000 patients are known to be in critical condition this

  • brings the total number of confirmed cases in China to around 4,500 and more

  • than half of them are in ohan Chinese officials added that 60 people have been

  • cured and discharged Beijing and Shanghai could not dodged the bullet

  • with both cities reporting their first deaths from the virus a 50 year old man

  • died of respiratory failure in Beijing on Monday health officials said he was

  • diagnosed with the novel coronavirus last week after staying in Wuhan from

  • January 8 to 15 authorities in China have not released details of the victim

  • yet the Chinese government has urged its people to postpone non-essential

  • overseas trips young where the virus has spread to other parts of the world what

  • do we know so far about its impact and what our country is doing to minimize

  • the damage yes the virus is popping up across the world so far there have been

  • at least 70 confirmed cases in 17 countries and territorial entities

  • outside of mainland China but the good news here is that there have been no

  • deaths from the coronavirus reported in these other locations

  • earlier today Japan reported two more cases of the new virus one of them is a

  • mail bus driver in his 60s who has never been to Han according to Japanese health

  • ministry he drove a two groups of Chinese tourists from ohan earlier this

  • month Thailand also confirmed six more cases bringing the total number of

  • infected people in the country to 14 now that is the most

  • in a country or territory outside of China Hong Kong has also been hit hard

  • with aid confirmed cases so far the Hong Kong government is waiving medical

  • treatment fees for all patients suspected of being infected by the new

  • corona virus its chief executive Carrie Lam said a few years ago that Hong Kong

  • will temporarily shut down some of its borders with mainland China starting

  • midnight on Thursday local time the virus has also spread to North America

  • with at least five confirmed cases reported in the United States the u.s.

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention has raised its travel

  • precautions for China to the highest of its three levels now Europe is also

  • preparing for tougher prevention measures Germany has confirmed its first

  • case the patient has been identified as a 33 year old German male although he

  • did not visit China he was in a meeting with a female Chinese national last week

  • she now has gone to Beijing and they're tested positive for the corona virus

  • Germany is the second country to have confirmed the virus in Europe following

  • France which has confirmed at least three cases so far

  • the South Korean Japanese American and French governments are sending charter

  • planes at this week to repatriate their citizens stuck in Han alright young

  • thank you for those updates we appreciate it

the new corona virus is spreading quickly keeping governments across the


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

コロナウイルスの死者数は106人に上る。 (Coronavirus death toll rises to 106; countries scramble to minimize damage)

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