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  • When I say liquid democracy, the first thing for me is to explain what kind of democracy

  • we envision as an organization.

  • The basic idea of liquid democracy has always been that of a hybrid between representative

  • democracy and direct democracy...where you can vote directly on the issues you care about,

  • or you delegate your voting power to someone you already know and trust.

  • A friend..a colleague..whoever you want to put your trust in.

  • That's the democracy side of you that plasticity in the way you make decisions

  • and in the things you care about you can be very direct ...and with the things you simply

  • don't know delegate that choice.

  • But the liquidity element is also very important, because it speaks about the possibility of

  • guaranteeing something that can serve the purpose of a medium of exchange.

  • *That* is liquidity.

  • We explore the idea of universal basic income in our paper The Social Smart Contract...because

  • we see the possibility of issuing a token that is giving us a human right as long as

  • you can validate your sovereign identity.

  • If we have that backbone constructed on a blockchain of decentralized identities, then

  • UBI and democracy both can be built on top of that, and both need each other.

  • Because UBI prevents financial coercion in democracy and because democracy guarantees

  • that nobody's getting an unfair share of the UBI.

  • They both really need each other like a yin and yang, and the key to unlock this is engaging

  • in this global collaborative effort of achieving a proof of identity protocol that hopefully

  • - we believe - needs to bring in action human attention so we make sure that humans are

  • governing humans and not machines.

When I say liquid democracy, the first thing for me is to explain what kind of democracy


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液体民主主義とUBIの陰と陽 (The Yin and Yang of Liquid Democracy and UBI)

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